Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hooked for life

I can pretty much bet that my Saturday evening walked all over yours.

My sister-in-law Audra (with my brother Levi) is fulfilling her dream of opening up a hip "sno-ball" shop. So last night we were invited to a tasting party, where I tried at least 10 different flavors poured over fluffy, finely shaved ice. I also sampled a "stuffed sno ball" (or two, or three) and I am already thinking about the next time I can get ahold of one.

Gabe had three cups full and was begging for more.

Colin cried when we told him he was officially DONE.

The biggest fan of the night though, was baby Oliver, who dropped all seperation anxiety to beg a bite from everyone in sight. He had a sample (or two, or three) from at least six or seven different people last night. He was climbing up his grandpa for more. Absolutely shameless.

You can get yours starting sometime this week at Aloha Snow. Keep checking the website for an opening date and more information!


Ashley said...

Fun! I can't wait to try some

Billy said...

I'm glad that things are looking so good for the new business. Sounds yummy.

Olivia Carter said...

Ah man! I wish I lived close by! I love that picture of Oliver- so cute- have I mentioned dhow much I LOVE THAT NAME TOO!

lindsey said...

yes your saturday night was much better than mine... i spent mine walking around ikea in search of organizational stuff for the house only to find that their prices have gone up dramatically on that stuff... we left the store empty handed and ate mcdonalds cheeseburgers (pregnancy craving) that in turn made me sick.. lol sounds great though. I am itching to get out to nc this fall... I hope we get a chance to do so before i get to fat :) pregnancy gives me the right to eat all I want right?

Chad Coleman said...

Audra and Levi - It was fantastic - thank you so much for inviting us over and having a go at all of your product. You guys are going to do great. It's too bad its 35 minutes from us and down, arguably one of the worst stretches of freeway in the US - 485-S. I guess that means we'll just have to make a day of it and come out to the Dollar theatre or Schlotzchy's (Huge fan) while we're there.

Audra said...

Thanks Katie! And Thanks guys! People around me are getting excited and when I wear my Aloha Snow t-shirt, people in the area are actually going, "Oh, is that your shop? When are you opening?

Sigh... alas, my electrical inspector did not come today, so that means I have jerk inspector again tomorrow. He is not wanting me to open because of a sticker. No kidding... A STICKER!

And the good news is I got my soft serve machine working... WOO HOO!!!