Sunday, January 17, 2010

Panchetta (Gabe)

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis, but today he did two things that just warmed my heart.

First, I am the Primary Secretary, so I was off in a corner doing some of my duties today, half-listening to sharing time. The pianist was playing a few notes from a song and the kids had to name the song. All of the sudden I heard Gabe answering correctly, very purposefully, in a loud and clear voice. It wasn't an easy song and he was the first one to know it. You have to know Gabe to know how big this is. I couldn't stop smiling at the sound of that voice.

Second, we were having "quiet time" (a Jeppson Sunday tradition where everyone stays in a separate room so Mommy and Daddy can hopefully take a nap) this afternoon when I heard Gabe talking. I had just gotten Ollie to sleep, so I stomped over to Gabe's room to tell him to zip it. When I looked in, he had one of the Bob books and he was sounding the words in it out, and very successfully. We have been doing reading lessons together, but this is the first time I have seen him making any reading attempt on his own. He may be a jokester, but he is also such a smart kid.


Ashley said...

I'm in senior primary, but I would love to sit in junior primary and watch my kids. Gabe must have felt really good that he knew the answer to be willing to share it with everyone. That's awesome.

I clicked on the link for the Bob books - those look cool - I bet Blaise would love them. How cool that he is picking up some reading skills!

How long do you your quiet time on Sundays? Now that we have morning church we are attempting some sort of unified quiet time, but it is hard in such a small house and Blaise doesn't quite get the concept. But I guess if mom and dad did it with 8 kids in our tiny house then I can do it too!

Olivia Carter said...

Ummm... I'm sort of in love with that picture. What a cutie!

Again it's a SHAME we don't live closer. I'll bet we'd have fun while our kids played.

Katie said...

Ashley - today quiet time was probably an hour and a half or more, just because the kids behaved so well, and I totally slept. The boys are really cooperative now with it, but back when they weren't Chad and I would take turns being the ones to sit with the kids while they did something quiet, like watch a movie, so the other one could take a nap with the baby.

Olivia - I feel the same way about this picture! The combo of the sleeper and candy necklaces....UGH! So cute.

I think our kids would definitely have a good time together.

Katie said...

Ashley - forgot to add that I am only so-so about the Bob books. Colin was never really into them...I'll see how Gabe feels.

Em said...

ok, so random, but i found a bob the builder book in one of the baby bins i cleaned out yesterday and left it out last night. when brennan woke up he went straight for it and looked at it for 20 minutes! this is amazing b/c he always runs out and wants milk and cartoons. i was so proud;-)

Audra said...

I love him! He is a wonderful goofball now and he loves when people talk to him as if he is the character that he is at the time. He cracks me up!