Sunday, March 7, 2010

Helping me sleep tonight

As I put Oliver to sleep tonight, my endless list of parental worries went through my head:

How can we get the boys to be reverent during prayers?

Do the boys yell too much because I yell too much?

Why in the world does Oliver have to lay still for an hour before he falls asleep?

Am I slacking as a parent?

And so on...

Feeling a little defeated, the questions dropped off, and some images took their place.

Chad and I feeding the kids together every night, giving them baths, helping Colin with homework, reading books together, wrestling and playing hide and go seek, making sure they get tucked in at a good time.

From after-work 'til bedtime, parenting is our number one focus. It really and truly is. No doubt about it.

Regardless of my un-unanswered questions (that will likely remained unanswered for awhile), that's got be to worth something! Worth quite a bit actually.

When it comes to focus, we rock.


Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Rock On!!

Audra said...

I do not think there is a mother out there that feels completely adaquate. But we do our best and find joy in the amazing milestones our kids reach!

Em said...

i love this. it feels like this in our house at night. i have so many of those same worries too. plus, lately i've been worrying about brennan not talking "as much as other children his age." the pediatrician told me he is speech and language delayed officially, and handed me a number to call for an interventionist. not like the show on A&E, although he could use them for his milk addiction, i'm sure. anyway, i go back and forth 60 times a day from "he's fine" to "i'm calling them tomorrow." today and yesterday i've been feeling like "he's fine." we'll see what the afternoon will bring, lol.