Monday, April 19, 2010

Guide me, Wise Panda

Almost every Saturday afternoon, I open and close my fridge and freezer about twenty times, waiting for something exciting to call out to me. Nothing looks worth cooking on the weekend after a day of baseball and lawn duty. Chad and I give-in to our weariness and start gathering our coupons, deciding what we will eat instead of the salmon in our freezer.

Panda Express won out last weekend. We took two coupons, each got a three-entree meal, and split it up between the five of us. I have to admit that I was not full when we were done, but that is probably okay, because really, how much orange chicken does my body really need?

I had to laugh at my fortune cookie. It was quite perfect for someone is who prefers emailing over calling because it allows me to word everything oh-so-carefully.


lindsey said...

mmm panda... I had chinese on saturday with Aaron and Jamie, but it was too spicey for me so it left me craving panda express... there's one in the mall where we go to kids club every thursday.. hmmm

Audra said...

I love Chineese. The Chineese place next to my shop has wonderful Seasame Chicken. Too good! I love fortune cookies. But mine have been lame lately.

Oh... I have 2 blog posts now you gotta check out! One is dedicated to you missy!

Olivia Carter said...

Love panda. And I could probably eat 10 tons of orange chicken.

Em said...

calling??? does my phone do that??? i thought it only sent text messages???