Friday, April 9, 2010

When you comin' home dad?

Chad has been away since Monday (on business). That night, Ollie woke up about ten times, checking to see if Dad was in bed with us yet.

The next morning when Oliver woke up, he ran into the computer room yelling, "Dad!" and burst into tears when no one was there.

He stills checks every morning.

He has been calling me "Dad" the last two days.

I found him today, arms linked through our picket fence, just staring at the next-door neighbor Dad doing lawn work. Poor guy, with the creepy kid staring at him. I laughed and made a joke about how his misses his father.

The situation is getting serious. You don't separate a little boy from his daddy like this. The puppy dog really needs someone to follow around.

It'll be a happy reunion.


Chad Coleman said...

That little guy is my BFF - he cracks me up. For about a week before I left, we would just pal around all day. I think he knew I was going out of town for a couple of weeks...what a clown. Miss you guys a lot!!!

Olivia Carter said...

Ah, so sweet!

Ashley said...

Maybe you can be like cjane and just ask him to quit! :)

Kelly said...

That is just simply adorable! Please remember this when they are teenagers and can't stand their parents.

It comes way too soon!

Jamie said...

Cute! Been catching up on your posts. The boys are adorable. Aaron and I laughed a lot when we saw that pic of Gabe eating his sno cone with Ollie looking on, too cute!

Luke Gallagher said...

Sorry Katie, I don't have my own blog so I'm going to hijack your blog and throw this in the comments since it is on topic :)

My Mom tells a story of when we lived in California while my Dad was flying in the Air Force. Dad was going on a 3 month TDY somewhere he couldn't tell us. At the time, our bedtime routine wrapped up with my Dad sitting in the hallway and playing his guitar to put us to sleep; so before he left, he made a tape so my Mom could keep some level of continuity in our little lives.

Well, on the first day of his leave, my Mom was doing laundry and at the bottom of the stairs was one of my Dad's blue Garrison caps (also know as a flight cap). I woke up from my nap (I was about 2 years old at the time) and heard my Dad singing and the guitar playing. I picked up the hat and walked up the stairs calling "Daddy?, Daddy?". I followed the sound into my parents room where the tape was playing, looked at my Mom while still holding the hat and repeated again "Daddy?". My Mom scooped me up in her arms and we had a good cry. My parents did a great job of preparing us for Dad’s TDYs but it was never easy on any of us.

I've about had my fill of being away from home...I think we should look for standby tickets :)

Cat said...

What a sweet little kid - it's hard for them to understand. I thought Jonah would be used to Matt's comings and goings because he was "born in to it" but we have a lot of nighttime waking too checking to see if Daddy's home. Hope he gets his buddy back soon!

Christie said...

Ah, we had Daddy gone last week and Elizabeth woke up Thursday morning, asked for Daddy, and when I sais he wasn't home she sais, "But it's THURSDAY!" They are used to not really seeing Daddy Mon-Wed, but more than that gets tough.

Audra said...

What a sweet post! And Luke's story made me tear up!