Monday, April 26, 2010


My rechargeable camera battery died. I have been using those really expensive disposable ones for a few weeks ('cause normal ones don't cut it), but now those are dead, and I still haven't ordered a new battery. So I have no pictures from tonight for you.

But if I did, you would see this:

Me on the computer, slouchy and wearing sweats.

Chad on the couch in the other room, watching basketball.

No big deal, but it happens to be our anniversary. Neither of us even remembered to say "Happy Anniversary!!" to each other until around 10 or so this morning.

Doesn't sound romantic, but it is, because we are leaving for DC this Thursday and have been so focused on that trip that today was just another day to get through before we leave!

Chad and I didn't really have a honeymoon. We got married in San Diego, had an open house at his parent's house in Orange, spent the night nearby, drove to Palm Springs (which I know the stars love and all, but yeah, not really that great) the next day, spent the night, and drove to Blythe the next day for our reception there, drove back to our apartment in Anaheim the next day, spent a day getting the apartment ready, and then Chad went back to work.

So we have always planned to spend our 10th anniversary in Italy, which is next year. Knowing that we want to have a baby sometime next year, we realized that that probably isn't going to happen, and decided to do something special this year. Italy was out of the question this year, and I know DC doesn't sound nearly as exciting as Italy, but well, it is exciting enough!

A lot more exciting than eating Papa John's with your 1 year old, who was supposed to be babysat but got a bad cold, which is what we were doing on our 3rd anniversary in the picture below.

Seriously though, I think we were still pretty happy that day, just like we were happy the year before when we just went to Spaghetti Factory with a three week old Colin, or when we left a screaming Gabe with Audra and Levi to jet off for a fast lunch for our 5th. Just being together is enough.

Happy 9 years Dew.

(our other "exciting' anniversary)


Cat said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to 10 x 10 more! Funny how kids change your perspective on everything!

Audra said...

I tried so hard to make Gabe happy too! I kept thinking WWKD... what would Katie do. I laid down with him, cuddled him, sang to him, everything and he just screamed at me. Not cry... screamed! I still feel bad for failing you that day!

I hope you have a great time in DC. I think you will! Italy will come one day!

Olivia Carter said...

Yeah, we kind of chilled on our anniversary too. It was relaxing, we chilled, and ate YUM food from the comfort of our own house in our PJs. It was all sorts of fun!

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Chad Coleman said...

Man - I look like I'm 12 in that picture - Just a young pup treading my way through Business School...good times.