Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

I had my second midwive's appointment today. I have a love/hate relationship with prenatal visits. I love them because it is always so reassuring to hear that heartbeat. I hate them because that heartbeat is the only useful thing that comes of them, and that thirty second span of time is not enough to make me feel like the hour-long wait is justified. Plus you have to get weighed fully clothed (which just isn't fair, but I guess I don't want to get naked for that every time either), and then have that weight recorded in history.* FUN!

So I am at 13 weeks and today the baby's heartbeat was 150, and she found it right away, which furthers my fantasy about having twins in there. Yeah, maybe I will tell you about that sometime. For the record, I gained SIX lbs since my last appointment, which is really absurd, but I don't mind too much for two reasons. #1 Last time I was wearing light summer clothes and flip-flops. This time I was wearing jeans, a sweater, shoes...etc. #2 I am not throwing up as much anymore, but still nauseated enough that not everything sounds yummy, so I am always trying to eat something to see if it will make me feel better. As long as it isn't coming back up, whatevs. Chicken pot pie for dinner peeps!

Anyway, I am not one to post belly pictures because my belly is no cuter pregnant than it is non-pregnant, but here is a nice picture of my face. Why your face? you might ask. Well, this is to document the increase in cheek size and overall ballooning that takes place in my face over the course of my pregnancy. It's really amazing folks :o)

My next visit isn't for five weeks, so that I will be 18 weeks and get my ultrasound the same day! Woohoo! YES, we are finding out the gender. HECK YES.

*A note about weight. With my first two boys I say a regular OB, and every single visit they made a point to talk about my weight gain and whether it was the proper weight gain or not. By the end of my pregnancies they were always a little like, hmmm, you might want to watch that, because I have always gained more than 40 lbs each pregnancy. With Oliver and this pregnancy I have seen midwives and I have not heard a single word about my weight. Never. I am sure if it would come up it if was indicating some problem, but otherwise, they don't give a darn!


Ashley said...

I'm kinda stalling on getting in for my first appointment because of my love/hate relationship with them. :) For one, I have to go all the way to Columbia - which makes it really difficult to arrange childcare for the 3 kiddos I'd rather NOT take with me. Plus, the weight gain thing. I figure if I don't go in till I'm 12 weeks or so then they'll never know how much weight I've gained those first few weeks :) But I really would like to make sure everything is going okay in there and all that....which is why I'll bother going at all. When I was pregnant with Blaise I didn't have my first appt till I was 13 weeks!

I've already gained weight in my face too. Nice and round. Lovely.

lindsey said...

I gained over 70 pounds with Lily and never had a doctor say a word about it.

kj said...

Oooh...Your midwife doesn't talk about your weight? Where have I been all this time? Doctors love commenting about weight. Obsessively. I hate it.

Caroline said...

My doctor only commented when she wanted me to stop gaining...but I gained 20 lbs after that. 60 lbs total - but with twin I had somewhat of a free pass. I'm convinced that so much of it was water weight. 10 days after delivering I was down 40 lbs and then today (1 month from delivery) I'm within 6 lbs. Not to say that is my ideal weight - but at least my baby weight is almost gone!

Em said...

I gained 10lbs by 13 weeks with both of my kids. 7lbs in one month with max. I was shocked.