Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It could have been a disaster.
(13 kids and 7 adults staying in a three bedroom house)

Instead, it was pretty perfect.

Levi's family, Bobby's family, Bryce, and my family headed up to stay in Audra's parent's guest house in the Virginia mountains. With that many kids around, plus cousins on Audra's side at her mom's house, the kids didn't need any entertaining by adults.

They had each other, the chicken coop, air-soft guns, rolling hills, cows, apple trees, marshmallow roasts, and Kubota rides to keep them busy and as happy as they will ever be.

We adults sat around all day in the beautiful weather, eating, chatting, and laughing at the rascals. And yawning. No matter how much you sit around in the mountains, you always still feel like curling up for a nap on the green grass under the sunny sky.

As always, we left asking ourselves when we could go back.


Ashley said...

We've really gotta go there sometime

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Nice pictures Katie, I too want to visit that place. It is so beautiful up there.

Olivia Carter said...

So nice to A) have siblings & B) be able to see them & do rad stuff like this often! Jealous!

Audra said...

Awww... I loved the pictures! All the things I missed. I went back up there this weekend. It was so peaceful... and I got a lot done!!! And the kids had fun with minimal effort by me ;)

Em said...

Thank goodness that didn't turn south!