Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crape Myrtles

Before I lived in North Carolina, I had never heard of a Crape Myrtle. In case you haven't either, it's a tree. I started to notice them all over the area during the summer, when they burst into pink, purple, red, or white blooms, like the one below located in the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. They are everywhere. I don't think you can live in the south without gaining a love for those summery blossoms.

My mom and I have a favorite crape myrtle. It is also in the garden, and it is has gorgeous cinnamon- colored peeling bark, white flowers in the summer, and colorful leaves in the fall. We admire these beauties every time we go.

We are working on our backyard (once again) and I decided I was finally going to get some crape myrtles to plant lined up against my picket fence. There are a hundred varieties, and I knew I would probably just have to settle for what I could find. Home Depot didn't have any. The local nursery across the border had a few varieties for around $80 each. Then WA-LA! I went to Lowe's, where they had nice, healthy looking Crape Myrtles for $18.99 each! The variety, "Natchez," sounded familiar, and they had a couple of white blossoms left on their fall-changing branches. I took the plunge, bought three, and easily hauled them home in my van (I love that collapsible back seat!).

As soon as I got home I searched "Natchez" online and found that they seem to be the exact variety that I have long admired at the garden - peeling cinnamon bark, quite hardy, with white blossoms.

I already planted those puppies this afternoon. I will not let them die, I will not let them die!

Anyone else have a tree that is near and dear to their heart?


Kelly said...

Good luck with your trees! I am a tree hugger too : )

We are currently losing an OLD willow in the front yard and it makes me very sad. Darn you fungus!

Linda, Mom and Granny said...


Katie said...

Go to Lowe's Mom!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I think my kids and your mom all liked the Money Tree I had planted (just kidding).

Cat said...

You did a great job! They are going to be beautiful next summer!

My aunt and uncle had a weeping willow I loved to play in as kid and when we lived in Atlanta, we had a huge one that Matt painstakingly brought back from the edge of demise. Unfortunately, it wasn't rooted well and straight-line winds from a wayward hurricane took it down. I'd never mourned the loss of a tree like I did that one.

Katie said...

Cat - I have always loved weeping willows. My grandma had one in her backyard that I named "Diana."

Audra said...

I am a willow fan too... got one in my backyard. Never had one growing up. I am an Big old oak fan. I love to see a huge heary oak tree... we had them all around our yard growing up with swings hanging from them. Memories. Crape Myrtles and dear to my heart too. My dad planted them lining our driveway. If they were in bloom and it rained and you drove by you would end up with Pink, White, Red, and Purple blossoms all over your car! I am glad you found some! They are a great tree!