Monday, October 25, 2010

I admit... you and to all the world:

I would love to have a girl.

A baby girl to stuff into tights.
A girl who might motivate me to learn how to sew (so not worth it for just boys).
A girl to pose among the flowers at the garden.
A girl who would melt her Daddy's heart in a whole new baby way.
A girl who might not tell me to stop when I dance around the house.
A girl who will play with dolls and stuffed animals instead of just using them as weapons.
A girl to share Anne with.

I do want a girl.

Not only that, I have always felt that someday I will have a girl. Someday.

With my big ultrasound a week away, and visions of twin baby girls dancing in my head, I have been asking myself,

Will I be okay? If the technician excitedly announces that it's another boy, will tears spring to my eyes? Will I go home and bawl for the baby girl I may never have?

I got my answer last week as I was working on an old photo album for Gabe and I saw these pictures:

Another boy to cuddle and kiss?
Another boy whose little personality will unfold as uniquely as his brothers before him?
A boy who will tackle his daddy and snuggle his mom?
Another little boy's laughter ringing through the house?

Yeah, I think I am okay with that.

I think I can handle just being a beaming mother of boys.


Gaynelle said...

AMEN! Couldn't have said it any better.

Audra said...

Keep telling yourself that Katie... keep telling yourself that...

(But if you do have another boy you can borrow my girls and take pictures of them among your flowers! I think they would be sad if they lost their flower-picking-privileges! You need a Lettie!)

lindsey said...

This is too cute Katie.. I think the same thing about a boy.. A boy for seth to take fishing, hiking and shooting.. I hope you get your girl :)

Em said...

boys are good for the soul;-)
i love those tights.

Ashley said...

I really really want another girl so that Rae has the experience of having a sister, but I also think that three boys in a row would be fun too. Maybe Lindsey will move to Charlotte and you can borrow her cute little pixie girls.

Audra said...
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Audra said...

What are my kids Ashley? Chopped liver?

I even in my previous post tried to put a picture of Jovie as tinkerbell, but it didn't work.

Ashley said...

Dude, Audra, your girls are too old now. Once they hit like 4 they aren't nearly as precious. :)

Ashley said...

And umm, Shannon Hale's twin girls - cute and all but Dinah and Wren? Are you kidding me??

Katie said...

LOL Ashley - she's an author, she gets some creative liberties that the rest of us aren't entitled to, right?

Katie said...

And so funny coming from the mom of Blaise and Rae Wisconsin!

Ashley said...

People don't even flinch when I tell them my kids' names. Well, unless they hear the Wisconsin part.

Audra said...

Jovie isn't 4 yet ;) And Lettie is the Teenie... she is always precious! And she LOVES flowers! Haha!

Audra said...

Notice I did not include Callie... she is under 4... but is a BEAST! She would not pick flowers, she would pull them apart!

Jamie Martin said...

Beautiful Post!!! We love them all, each one a gift! Now you will have that girl though, Congrats!!Have fun stuffing her in tights and putting cute little bows in her hair!!