Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happiness Is......

....hopping into the library for half a minute to get all these books that have been reserved for you!

I love you PLCMC, with a love that will never end.

(I will let you know what I think of some of these soon, Olivia!)


Cat said...

I just recently learned of the reserve/hold process at PLCMC and am now addicted! Between that and the self check-out, my literary life has been revived! : )

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I can NOT wait for you to read these! I've been waiting for The Ask and The Answer from the library. I'm excited to read it b/c the ending of the first one is a MAJOR cliff hanger.

I am SOOO excited for you to read Jellicoe Road (I haven't read anything like it, & really enjoyed it) But there are two things you should know: the italicized section is a book manuscript someone else told me this too & if I hadn't heard that I'd be a lot more confused than you already will be in the beginning. Remember give it a while to pick up.

I didn't like The Forest of Hands & Teeth so I'm interested to hear what you thought about it.

Man, I wish we had been able to chat more at the reunion! I loved chatting with you.

And P.S. please also get THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE I'm going to blog about it soon but heads up it was 5 stars beautifully written!

Ashley said...

I miss my Kirksville library. The library here is a lot smaller and their website hasn't worked in several weeks, so I can't even reserve something if they had something worth reserving. I don't read a whole lot during the summer, but now that the days are getting colder and we are outside less often I'm wanting some books to read.