Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writing a post in 20 minutes or less

I don't have much to say folks. I know you all love blog posts that begin like that...they are sure to be so entertaining, but there you have it. My mind is January, third-trimester, brain-dead-ee-o. I read back on my blog yesterday and have seen been chastising myself since for not keeping up like I used to or putting in the effort that I used to. So here is the keep-up, without the effort. May the effort soon follow.

What is going on in our lives:

Chad's birthday is this week. He says not to get him anything. I told him that if I at least got him a pair of jeans and a plug-in phone that one year when we had been living in Charlotte for a week and were broke, I was sure gonna get him something this year. My goodness.

Got to go to the temple last week, thanks to my parents. As always, it had been way too long. We ended up in a spanish-speaking session, which was really okay because it meant we got to add headphones into the mix. Well, I did.

I think Gabe gets the same winter blues that I do. I really need to find a way to get him out of his funk. He is not happy these days. His favorite things lately are word searches, Harry Potter, and Spongebob.

Ollie is getting over an ear infection. He now seems symptom-free, but if you ask him how he is, he will furrow his brows, frown and say, "I'm sick" even if he has been scooting wildly around the house. He has been back into mischief lately and is now tall enough to reach the water dispenser on the fridge.

We have been letting the boys ride their scooters in the house since Christmas because of the bad weather. One of the many benefits of wood floors! No broken bones or furniture yet.

I am officially uncomfortable, and I already can't fit into to some of the clothes that I wore at the end of my pregnancy with Gabe. Strangers are already asking me how much longer I have. 11 weeks people! It's not even soon enough to start a countdown. I think it would have bothered me with my first or second pregnancy, but it makes me laugh now. They always follow it up with asking if it is my first.

I got to sit around talking to Colin for a half hour tonight while Chad put the other two down. That kid is growing up so quickly, but is still such an innocent sweet boy in so many ways. We talked about who his best friends are at school (all girls still) and what his favorite "special" is at school (PE). He got new primary teachers on Sunday and when asked to tell them two things about himself, he said, "I have too much energy" and "I'm good at math."

20 minutes are up! Have a good night.


Ashley said...

I've already gained more weight so far this pregnancy than I did my entire pregnancy with Rae. Ugh. And since I'm due in May again, I can compare what I am wearing now to what I was wearing when I was pregnant with Isaac. Uh, yeah, I didn't even have to buy maternity pants till this point with Isaac, and I've been wearing them for 2 months this time. And if I gain any more weight in my thighs then I'm going to have to find some really big men's sweats to wear! I've definitely been cutting back on those "special pregnancy treats".

We let our kids ride their scooters around the house when they got them - we have a perfect little loop for them to ride around. But then it got warm and we too them outside and now they are muddy. I'm thinking of cleaning them off so they can bring them back into the house! The other day Blaise said "I sure do wish I could ride my scooter again". With 6 inches of snow being predicted for tonight, I think it's time to bring them back inside :)

My comment is almost as long as your post.

Christie said...

My kids were riding their bikes in the garage yesterday as I cleaned it. Of course it was plenty warm outside but we don't have sidewalks and the driveway is slopey.