Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

Last night we drove home from McDonald's with the kids. We had been sledding at my parent's house before that. Sounds like a fun evening, right? Well, it had been the opposite of fun (tantrums, yelling, snot-nosed punks), and as we drove, I asked Chad if he could put off the three hours of work that he needed to do that evening, so that I could have some time away from the kids. He told me to take all the time that I needed and then asked,

"When do I get my time?"

He was kidding, of course, but I stared out the window and asked him if he really thought I was in the mood for jokes.

I got the time I needed and used it wisely to peruse facebook, where I saw a status from my next-door neighboor stating that school had been cancelled for Wednesday. Heaven help us. Really. Please help us.

I consider myself a homebody, but this is getting ridiculous. We are on our 12th day in the year 2011 and so far I have spent 9 of those days completely or partially confined to our house because of injury, sickness, or weather. As I write this, a chapped-faced Oliver is breathing his snotty breath into my face.

I keep picturing Ma Ingalls, cooped up in a tiny dugout on the banks of Plum Creek, snowed in with her three kids. If she can do it, I can. Right?

I gotta admit though, that this picture does nothing to console me, as I replace her face with mine and then picture myself beating my head on the dirt wall and screaming, as my kids look on, open-mouthed.


Christie said...

Isn't it so frustrating when you go out of your way to do something that is going to be SO fun, and then it turns into a nightmare? I'm always afraid of that happening when we go to the zoo or the beach or something like that.
Every time James says he wants to live somewhere with seasons I remind he's never experienced that with adult responsibilities.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I know how you feel. I'm NOT a homebody at ALL so I go crazy if I'm stuck inside. We leave the house at least once a day usually. It's unusual- sickness, snow that keeps me inside all day.

Cat said...

I think the only thing that saved all of us (that would be every parent home with a child(ren) for the past 3 days) was the sun. Had we had to endure 1 more day of cloudy skies and few options of fun, I think I would have had to lock the kids in the house and run away. Hope you were able to "bust out" and enjoy the day - it did wonders for us!

Em said...

Agh!!! The last 12 days (or the month of jan this far) has made me a hater of winter. Me! how is this possible. I don't know, but today I found myself dreaming of summer. Hot, sweaty, summer. Baby pool out the window. I can't wait. I think I've always hated summer bc I've never in my life had central air. We shall see bc now I do and I've never felt so couped up either! I have been feeling so depressed from not going anywhere, and now that brennan is sick we at least have an excuse to be watching 8 hours of tv a day. Thank goodness, lol!!! It's going to be a long winter for me with this attitude:)

Em said...

P.s. I've totally thought about that before! I get to have me time, but what about Sean?! I get over it quickly though:) lol

Kari said...

I used to beat myself up over Ma Ingalls and other amazing pioneer women. Then I realized: They lived in a whole different world. A world where kids wore the same clothes all week, and many of them toted guns to help shoot dinner with. Dirt floors and once-weekly baths. So cut yourself some slack. Chances are Ma would have been amazed by you!

Ashley said...

Christie - Roy always said how he wanted to go back to the snow because he liked growing up in it and I told him the same thing about adult responsibilities!

I'm handling the weather a lot better this year and I think it is because I don't have to leave my house unless I want to, since I don't have to take Rae to school. And I never feel trapped when school is canceled. We've gotta get out of the house at least twice a week, but a simple trip to Walmart and McDonalds is usually enough. And it really helps that we haven't really been sick so far this winter. I know it is coming though.

And Kari is right - it was way different for Ma. I wish it wasn't true, but kids these days expect to be entertained every second of their life. Heck, even I expect to be entertained! Sometimes I wish we could go back to those times - but with indoor plumbing.

Christie said... probably will be sick a lot less. When we lived in Pyote we were almost never sick because we never went anywhere and were around so few people.

Em said...

p.s. turns out max had an ear infection too. who knew?! go figure. i get mean in the night. it's not pretty. especially when children are crying for NO APPARENT reason. ugh. thanks for your comment. it's been the worse sickness season for us too! it's got me feeling sorry for myself too much lately. thank goodness it was warm and sunny today. really brightened me up in a jiffy. man, i feel bipolar today.

kj said...

Men get alone time and that is the same as "me" time every time they drive to work (and back), go to lunch alone if they want to, and they never have children physically hanging on them during the day.

Can you imagine driving in the car alone twice a day with only your own thoughts?

Women definitely need it more than men!

Katie said...

kj - I had to laugh at what you said because I used to always say to Chad - "You get to drive to and from work by yourself!!!" Such a luxury!