Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

We pride ourselves on early, consistent, bedtimes for our kids. We have firm routines and we stick to them.

But Ollie is the kid who teaches us not to have pride. Despite having the same, strict routine with him since January, this is what "bedtime" looks like -

An hour after we have put him to bed, after we have ignored his screams, we see his light on and find this:

Some things to notice:

Gabe sound asleep despite the light.

Ollie's nightstand moved from beside his bed to in front of the light switch in order to turn on the light

No pants on, and diaper next to the baby gate.

A smile on Ollie's face.

Books and money on the floor.

Not pictured - the humidifier and Oliver's water cup (which were previously on the nightstand) thrown over the baby gate into the hall.

I know we will figure it all out, but for now, it's more than a little frustrating every night, I gotta admit.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness - what a nightmare!! I would seriously leave the house every night at bedtime! The humidifier thrown into the hallway?!?! Wow. That kid! At least you are dealing with it now instead of after the baby is born. Good luck!

Cat said...

Oh Katie - if it makes you feel any better, similar scenarios are playing themselves out over here many nights as well. Maybe that's not comforting since Jonah's a year older : / I'm confident (ok, I'm hoping really hard) that we will crack the code to these crazy kids. : )

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, Syd & Rob and pretty good sleepers but sometimes I come in after they are asleep and see they've been up lining up their toys, or moving their furniture around. I guess as long as they aren't getting out :)

Em said...

Um, I'm just impressed that your boys share a room. And you're still a sane person!!! It gives me hope that our two can share a room when the next comes so that we don't have to finish our basement so that we can pay off our student loans faster.
I spent 45min tonight bawling to Sean about how I am so overwhelmed by paying all of our student loans off. So that's what I was stressing about tonight. Not fun!
Blame it on day light savings!

Katie said...

Cat - yes, someday, SOMEDAY, we will get it down :o)

Ashley - um, we are so going to be dealing with this and a newborn at the same time. Have I mentioned that Oliver still wakes up 3 or 4 times DURING the night?

Em - we still can't manage to have Colin sleep in there too. When he does, Oliver climbs up the bunk bed to harass him. For now, Colin is in the guest room/future girl room.

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I don't understand. Ollie is a perfect gentleman at our house.

Ashley said...

That totally sucks Katie. Isaac either wakes up in the middle of the night and then sleeps in or he sleeps through the night but comes into our room at like 5:30 and *sometimes* goes back to sleep. I have a feeling Roy will be spending a lot of time with him after the baby comes.

Sounds like you should have Ollie sleep at grandpa's house from now on.

lindsey said...

Wow, maybe I don't want a boy... ;) I thought it was bad that Mayan wakes up at 5-530... but she never wakes up during the night. Neither of my girls can stand to slep with other people. At about 6 months they bith decided they needed their own space and haven't slept with us since.

Katie said...

It's not a boy thing Lindsey - it's a third child thing!! WATCH OUT! LOL.

Ashley said...

Isaac sleeps better than Rae ever did. Blaise went through a funky sleeping phase but he's been a pretty good sleeper. Isaac has gone through periods of fantastic sleeping but lately we are just too lazy to put him back in his bed :) I'm surprised he hasn't gotten into mischief in his room, but there isn't much to do in there.

Christie said...

I hope I can keep Jeb in a crib for a long time. Both girls were out of one (ok, Amelia was out by the time she left the NICU) by this point, but I've been really "mean" with Jeb, partly because Amelia STILL needs me to fall asleep. Anyway, I've been surprised at how well he's adjusted back since Spring Break and I feel really lucky to have him happily going to bed in his crib. We still bring him in when he wakes in the early morning, but seriously feeling spoiled after Amelia.