Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

A couple of evenings before Christmas, as I was putting the boys to sleep, I went over Christmas Morning Protocol. No getting up before six, you come into Mom and Dad’s room and wake us up before you go downstairs, etc.

The next morning, the 24th, Oliver came into our room at around 7 and said in his sweetest, most polite little 3 year old voice, “Mommy, I’m ready.”  He was somewhat devastated to hear that he had one more day to wait.

On the real Christmas morning, Colin and Gabe were awake at the earliest acceptable time.  They roused Oliver from his sleep, and then we had to wake the sleeping baby.  As you can see by the picture below, she handled it pretty well.  As we were taking this picture, the boys could see a few of the presents downstairs, so that fact that they looked at the camera and smiled shows how excited they were to get it done with and on with the show.



They were all pretty excited about their presents, though Oliver had decided two days before Christmas that what he really and truly wanted was not Lightening McQueen (which was what he was getting) but a remote control helicopter (which, coincidentally, was what Colin was getting, times two).  I think he was picturing himself flying it around like his hero Max.  (He gets a lot of his life lessons and ideas from Max and Ruby, I have to say).  Anyway, we did get over his disappointment and we had a fun Christmas morning.

Just as the morning festivities died down, it was time for church.  The kids were all adorable, with the boys in matchy sweaters and Miss in her Christmas dress,  and I really wanted a family Christmas picture – I did my hair and makeup and everything (!) – but of course we were right on time and I knew a few self-timer pictures would put us right into the late zone. So, no pictures until later that night, after naps for almost everyone.

We had dinner at my parents house. My dad slaved in the kitchen while most of us were napping to provide a bounteous and delicious Christmas dinner, provided by my Nana as a gift.  After we ate and sat around (and picked some more, because we are Jeppsons), we did the nativity, which you saw.  Then Sabina handed her ukulele to Audra (our very own Mim of Mim’s Ukes) – Sabina had brought it so Audra could get the family going with some Christmas songs.

Let me tell you, that was fun.  I loved seeing all the kids get into it, dancing and singing, and watching and listening. 


It was a great evening, rounded out with revealing who the candy count winners were! Thanks Mom and Dad!


Em said...

so so cute.

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, looks like so much fun! Rob got what he asked for but also got A LOT of clothes from the grandparents. He grummbled everytime he opened a package with clothes in it. I felt bad because everytime Syd opened clothes she cheered for joy! :)

Katie said...

That is funny Olivia because I happened to buy some new clothes for the boys that they desperately needed right before Christmas, and I thought about wrapping them up and putting them under the tree, but I knew that opening them up would make the boys more annoyed than happy. Maybe it will be different when Carina gets older, huh?

lindsey said...

Katie, my girls LOVE to get clothes as presents, I bet Carina will too :)
The story about Ollie makes my heart break, poor little boy :)