Thursday, December 1, 2011


I went over to my parent's house today.  My mom helped my sew while Ollie and Carina played with Grandpa and Cici.  As always, Carina got fussy before we were finished with my project so my mom quickly finished it for me.  She is so incredibly patient with me when we sew together.  I messed up the threading on her serger three times and broke a needle on her sewing machine and she just cheerfully cleaned up my mess.  I love to watch her sew.  We barely spoke the whole time, but she easily showed me how to alter a pattern to make it easier and helped me figure out each and every step. 

Towards the end, Oliver came in and stared long and hard at the cool machine Granny was using.   He got a stool and pulled it as closely as possible to the machine, giving Granny a winning look with his huge brown eyes.  I reminded him not to touch the machine and he calmly placed his hands flat on the table and said, "I will just put them right here."  He kept his word and just watched in awe as Granny did her thing.  I am so glad and lucky that Oliver gets to know his grandparents like his does.



Em said...

my neighbor in our old apt had a surger. it was heaven sent. i love being in a good sewing project. i haven't had the itch for a year. i keep thinking it is coming, but i haven't had it yet. no projects inspiring me at the sewing machine. sigh.

Ashley said...

I wish I had let mom teach me to sew back when I was a kid/teenager. :( I love that she gets to be near her grandkids - although I'm definitely jealous!

Christie said...

I'm glad that I let mom teach me to see back when I was a kid/teenager. And definitely jealous.