Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best buds

These two little boys were born four months apart.  At the time, the four months made them seem like they were barely even peers, but now they are as close as cousins can get.  A couple of times a week, they will spend the whole day together at one house or the other, and I love to eavesdrop on their conversations.  They both have clear, sweet, innocent voices, and they run around the house pretending to be superheroes and playing games that their older brothers might not appreciate. 

For Liam’s birthday yesterday, all he wanted was to go to Chuck E. Cheese with Ollie.  Sabina picked Ollie up at 8:30 am and Ollie was ready with a card that he had made and a present.  I normally swing by at around 3:15 to pick him up (on my way to get the boys from school), but Sabina asked if he could stay until we all came over for cake and ice cream after dinner.  When we came, Ollie was still not the least bit ready to come home.  The two boys continued to play together the whole evening, and even when there was a dust-up between the two of them, they had solved it and were jumping and laughing on the trampoline together before any adult intervention was necessary.


We can never move…because how could I ruin this?


sabina said...

los amo a los dos!!!!!!!!!!

sabina said...

you just said it perfectly Katie

Ashley said...


lindsey said...

too cute:) I can't wait!!