Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father’s Day 2012


A common phrase around here is, “Save us, fun Dad!” 

Chad has a reputation for being the more easy-going parent, the one who makes everyone laugh, and yes, the one who bends the rules a little sometimes.  He has earned his Fun Dad status, because while I use Mother’s Day as an excuse to get some alone time, he uses Father’s Day as an excuse to do something special with the boys. The last few years, he has taken the boys to a movie on the Saturday before Father’s Day.  This time it was Madagascar 3 with Taco Bell afterward.  They all came home laughing at inside jokes and singing (over and over again) an annoying circus song.

On Sunday, Chad got to sleep in a little and then we served him breakfast in bed – delcious vegan french toast with berried syrup.  Then before he had to leave for his meetings, we gathered around and read some questionairres the kids filled out about him (I am sure you have seen dozens on Pinterest.   Some of the answers were quite entertaining, and Colin was very satified with how many he got “correct.”  Gabe and Colin both guessed his weight to be about 30 + lbs over what it actually is, which makes me glad there aren’t surveys for Mother’s Day with weight questions! 

I love these pictures, because you can tell how much they just adore their Daddy.


After church, I made him some yummy pseudo-mexican food (his favorite) and then we had my parents, my sister Lindsey with her family (they just moved here!), and my brother Bobby with his family, over for dessert.  It was nice to celebrate with more of the wonderful fathers I have in my life, especially my own great Dad.  Believe it or not, I did not take any pictures that evening. 

This was what I woke up to the next day.   It was a good reminder of all the fun. 



Holly Harris said...

I guess I'm not the only one who usually waits to wash the dishes until the next morning. There's always so many other fun things to do after dinner and by the time the night comes I'm just too tired! It looks like you had a wonderful father's day!

Ashley said...

I always feel so guilty that all I want for mother's day is a day off! I spent the saturday before Father's day at a youth dance, and then ON father's day I invited some friends over for dinner and Roy grilled for us! He says he doesn't mind, but sometimes i wish he'd just take off and spend some time in Columbia alone! I guess hanging out with the kids is more fun for the dads.