Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday


Gabe’s end-of-the-year party was today.  Sabina offered to watch Ollie and Carina while I went, but I just used her on Monday for Colin’s party, and this was supposed to be an easy-going little get-together, so I opted to take them with. 

I loaded our sit-and-stand stroller with cupcakes for Gabe’s class, cheerios, a sippy cup and toys for Carina, and of course Carina and Ollie, and hauled it into a spot by a little table in the back of Gabe’s class.  The teacher started out by having the kids sing, and soon she brought the kids to the front, one by one.  They read from a portfolio in Chinese and everyone clapped. Cute, fun, very nice.  Only this:  each one was taking almost 5 minutes.  And she wasn’t going straight through.  She stopped every two or three kids and had them sing two or three songs.  There are 25 kids in the class.  You do the math. 

Carina was great for the first half hour, which for her is almost amazing. The second that she wriggled out of her straps and stood up in her seat, I knew we were in trouble.  The stroller spell was broken and she would never ever sit still again. And then she:

Screamed when I tried to help her with her cheerios.

Screamed when I tried to help her sit in one of the little chairs.

Fell out of the chair.

Screamed when I tried to help her drink a juice box.

Threw the juice box on the ground.

Got happy when the teacher’s assistant got out a puppet to play with.

Screamed when she saw there were dolly puppets she wasn’t playing with.

Screamed when I only gave her two of the those puppets.

And on and on and on for two and a half hours.  I tried to think what I could possibly do.   I couldn’t leave until Gabe was done because he was coming home with me.  I couldn’t take her in the hall, where her screaming would interrupt the rest of the classes.  I could only give in to her screams and try and hard as I possibly could to keep her lips zipped.

And so I was that parent today, in front of a dozen other parents. I will do whatever the heck you want, dear child, just shut the heck up.


James said...

I think a lot of teachers don't realize just how long their programs are when they plan these things. Either that, or they do it to pad the schedule so they can make it through 10:00 for the school to get credit for attendance, and then hope the parents decide to sign the child out of school for the rest of the day (like they did at Elizabeth's school a few times).

Em said...

holy crap, that was so my life last week at brennan's preschool field trip, except max was the culprit. chase slept. bless him.

Christie said...

I watched someone else's little girl the other day. She'll be 1 in August. She never cried once in the total of 3 hours I watched her. She looked sad and fell asleep in my arms (without a bottle or anything) right before her mom came home because it was after 8 and she was obviously tired. I want one of those.

Christie said...

Oh, and I never held her except for right at the end when I saw that she looked tired.

Katie said...

LOL. I want one of those too Christie!!!

Cat said...

Poor Jonah has been tagging along with me to Maya's school since he got out preschool right before Memorial Day. I've bribed him so much in the past 2 weeks that he's upped the ante and honed his negotiation skills. He could shake down the mob at this point. Only 2 more days!

Olivia Carter said...

OH man, haven't we all been there? I swear, I was going to knock Syd & Rob's heads together today at the store. What a nightmare!!!