Sunday, June 3, 2012

Does he look horrified?

Gabe had a very loose front tooth for awhile.  It was quite the tooth – he had a cavity eat away part of it when he was only two.  We got it filled in, but the filling came out, leaving it crooked and jagged. .  The tooth behind it was pushing it forward, adding to it’s wretchedness, and we affectionately called it “snaggletooth.”  Every time that snaggletooth flashed at me, my fingers ached to reach out and just snatch it out of his mouth.  He actually let me pull one of his teeth out a few weeks ago, but this one had a little root on it that made it a little painful to wiggle, and the tooth in the back was already giving it less wiggle room.




When we went to visit Levi and Audra, Audra felt the same pull that I did – let me just yank it!  She talked Gabe into letting her use her tried and proven teeth pulling technique.  It didn’t work the first couple of times because the jagged edge of his tooth was tearing the dental floss she was using and he was just left with bleeding gums.  So she braided the floss, and offered him two dollars to try again.  His response? 
A quick nod and, “Let me get a paper towel.”

Here is what happened next.


Levi said...

I was amazed how cool and calm he was about the whole thing! Most kids would have run away screaming if their aunt came at them with a piece of floss. That kid will do anything for money!

Olivia Carter said...

Eeeekkkkkk! I'm so freaked out of pulling teeth. That's how Scott does it too!

lindsey said...

I do not look forward to lily losing her first tooth... knowing her personality I know its going to freak her out... maybe we'll spend a lot of time in the mountains and let sudra take care of the first few.:)

lindsey said...

Auto correct... audra