Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beginner’s Day–My baby is going to kindergarten

Oliver had his “Beginner’s Day” not long ago.  It was a chance for all the little boys and girls (who are way too young to be leaving their mommies all day)  to visit the school and learn a few things about what to expect.  Here is a picture of Ollie waking up his cousin Liam, who will be going to kindergarten with him. Liam fell asleep on the way there.  See what I mean?  They are babies, I am telling you!  Babies!


I thought Ollie had a lot of confidence while we were there, and was so excited to be there, but looking at the pictures, I can see the nervousness in his face.


Carina had some fans there. 


The two Chinese teachers were just THRILLED to see our two families there together and to see little Ollie and Liam.  Our  four older boys are “legends” with the Chinese teachers (their words, I swear), so they have been pretty tickled at the idea of the two cousins coming in together.  Come to think of it, that is a lot of pressure, but I think they will live up to it!




After the school, we all went to Panda Express, to continue our tradition.  Tragedy ensued when Ollie (with his accomplice the dinosaur) accidently pushed a tray holding 1/3 of our family’s food off the table onto the floor.  I may or may not have lost it a little.


Poor little Ollie.  It wasn’t a very fun dinner.


I thought his fortune was perfect for starting school.


The evening got better when he caught a toad at home.  That kid loves animals.

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Olivia Carter said...

What a great tradition! So great!