Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does he look nervous?

Colin had his "beginner's day" for kindergarten last Thurday. All future kindergarters started off in the cafeteria where the principal talked to them a little and there was a uniform fashion show. Then everyone divided up according to language and went to their respective classrooms. As soon as we got in the classroom and the kids took a seat, the teachers started only speaking Chinese and instructed the children through a game.

Colin looked quite bewildered and overwhelmed, especially since he was at the front of the line for the game, but he really hung in there. He never really cracked a smile but afterwards told me that he loved it. Shhh, someone tell the girl behind him that the line faces the other way.

They went over the numbers in Chinese, and I started noticing that some kids were saying the numbers before the teachers were. I had already noticed that there were a lot of little girls that were obviously adopted from China, and then I noticed that they were the ones answering. How cool would that be to adopt from China and then be able to have them learn their language?

Afterwards we went to Panda Express (get it- Chinese food?) to celebrate.


Olivia Carter said...

Hurray! That's SO exciting for him! Congrats!

lindsey said...

there are some cuties in his class.. i can imagine colin having a hard time with not understanding, he's competitive so he probably wanted to do good. sounds like fun.