Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Brand New Kid (kinda)

Ollie on Tuesday morning, waiting with Chad, Gabe, and my mom for my ultrasound (notice that my mom wore pink for good luck :o)

Yesterday I decided that the rat's nest was really out of control. It was time for a change. All the blonde locks came off, and my little baby grew about a year in 15 minutes. Now it is like looking at a brand new kid, only not really, because he looks so familiar to me - so much like his big brother Colin. I love seeing his pretty face, and he looks so much neater, but I already miss those rascally blonde locks.

Pajamas first seen here. Where does the time go?


Ashley said...

Awww, I hate how much they seem to grow up with just a simple haircut. We buzzed Isaac's and now everytime he does something naughty he looks extra punk-ish because he doesn't have that cute scraggly hair. At least you were able to keep some length to Ollie's - it looks really cute!

lindsey said...

wow he does look grown up! I wish I could just do that when Lily's hair when it gets a rats nest.. you won't be able to do that next time around :)