Thursday, November 4, 2010

My eyes are burning

The kids and I have been home sick the last couple of days and I have been using it as a chance to get some maternity and winter shopping done online. The nice thing about having three boys is knowing that when I buy a pair of jeans or uniform pants for Colin, they will definitely get used over the years.

While looking for the boys, I have allowed myself to take a peek at the little girls' clothes. Surprisingly, I haven't liked a lot of it. Maybe I'm just not used to it, but so much of it is just such a bright pink! It is so jarring to me and it feels like they think all girl clothes need to scream "girl girl girl!". I have found some pieces that are just adorable though, and I love this knit cap and dress paired together from The Children's Place.

If I were blessing a baby girl in the fall or winter and wanted something a little bit different, I think this outfit would be precious (and very affordable too!). For anything else, I realize the color choice is very impractical. It would have to be one of those church dresses you put on right before you leave and take off the second you get home, praying the whole time that they don't have a blow-out.

If you happen to be shopping at The Children's Place online, use the code M3C2010 to get 20% off. Not bad! Expires November 15.


Kelly said...

I also think pink is way overused... Maybe we both suffer from boy's first taste.

lindsey said...

Pink is very overused... but I have found more color variation with Mayan than I could ever find with Lily.. I love the blue and yellow combo on Mayan with her dark hair :) I can't wait to see what your little girl looks like... I wonder if she'll be a little coleman with long hair ;)

Em said...

Children's place and carter's are my two fav stores for affordable girl clothes. I think it's better for everyone else to shop for you bc it's hard to get going!

Olivia Carter said...

That is adorable!

I really avoided pink for Syd when she was little but then as she's grown older she always picks pink to wear. If I ever get to pick her outfit (like today) I pink whites, grays, blues, yellows (probably because those are what I like to wear too).

The other day Syd came out in a pink shirt, pink skirt, pink tights, a pink sweater, pink shoes, and a pink bow. It's grown on me slowly :)

Cat said...

I used to get completely overwhelmed walking into the boys' section of a store because I was so used to all the bright pinks and purples. But now, as Maya gets older, I get completely overwhelmed by those clothes!

BTW - Congratulations!! I am so excited for all of you - she's gonna be one cute little girl!