Monday, November 29, 2010

Charlotte Bobcats Chinese Culture Night

The Bobcats were playing the Houston Rockets last Friday, which is the team Yao Ming is on (and Yao Ming is injured, so he ended up not being there!). With that in mind, they made it a Chinese Culture night and invited Smith Academy students to participate. The 4th grade students did a dance on the court beforehand, and the rest of the students got to go down there for some pictures. Can you spot Colin?

It was a good Daddy-Son night for Chad and Colin. Colin came home pumped up that the Bobcats won, and Chad said that he was actually paying attention to the game. He lasted the whole time - I think part of the fun of the evening was staying up past 10!

Yes, Colin is frowning in this picture that I took before they left. He thought they were taking LYNX and just found out that they weren't. And yes, Chad has a soda spill on his leg. Cherry Coke Zero, to be exact. Thank you Roy ;o)


Ashley said...

It's just Cherry Coke Zero. Don't throw the diet in there - that changes it all :) And I'm drinking one right now - yummy!

jess and scott said...

Scott was at the game too! Sounds like so much fun for Colin!

Katie said...

Correction made Ashley - you are right, that changes it all.

Adena and Greg said...

Can u email me your address? I'm actually going to send out christmas cards this year.