Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day request

This is my beautiful cousin Julia. She has been waiting to be a mom for a long time. I remember very clearly at a family reunion just a few months after she got married, she would steal my little baby Colin and take him over to her family to coo at him for awhile. Everyone would tease her husband Brett about how soon she was going to want one of her own. I can tell you, Brett didn't seem to mind that one bit!

The blessing of a baby hasn't happened yet for these two. They have been married for six years now. For 5 1/2 of those years, they have been trying to start a family. They are now waiting to adopt a baby. When the the time comes, you can be sure the baby will be loved beyond measure.

Please keep this wonderful couple in your minds and your hearts. If you are a mother looking to place your child for adoption, please consider them. If you know of a mother in this position, please refer her to them. Check out their profiles below to find out more about them.

Parent Profiles

LDS Family Services

It's About Love

Also, they have a wonderful and fun blog, that you can check out to get a more casual look into their life and personalities. You gotta love anyone who has a cinco de mayo party!


Mac said...

That was a beautiful blog entry Katie. What a thoughtful way to use the access you have to so many people. It will be nice to hear the success story - whatever way it comes.

Audra said...

A friend of mine who saw my post on facebook has just seen a post from a friend for a birthmother looking for an adoptive family, so she passed on the info. Don't know if anything will come of it... but it shows that it works :)

Julia said...

You guys are the best. I really appreciate it!