Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Madness

It started last Wednesday, when I was in charge of preschool. I *might* have gone a little overboard coming up with creative snacks and crafts for the kiddos, but it was fun. The mini-jack-o-lantern you see above was a hollowed out orange that was then stuffed with fruit, with a green spoon sticking out the top. Very cute, but I must admit that that one was definitely not worth the effort.

On Friday we had our ward Fall Festival with a trunk-or-treat. The boys thought it would fun this year to all dress as ninjas. The second picture is blurry but I had to include it because Ollie was trying to make a tough face like his brothers.

I thought that Chad and my parents had some of the best costumes of the night. My dad had a costume that matched my mom's but I didn't get a picture of them together. My mom also won the pumpkin carving contest for the second year in a row!

On Saturday my mom and dad had all the grandkids over to play Halloween games and to celebrate Bryce's birthday.

Fun times! Then on Sunday we did the trick or treat dinner that I already blogged about. Now onto Thanksgiving!


Ashley said...

Wow, those oranges definitely look like WAY too much work!

The boys going as ningas is totally cute and I LOVE Chad's costume! Was that his idea or yours?

Christie said...

Wait? Dad was in costume and you didn't get a pic?! And you didn't get a pic of Mom's pumpkin? :(

I saw those oranges as I hunted for ideas, too, but didn't even consider making them! I've really been enjoying the creative things I've been able to do lately, enjoying the fact that I don't have an infant and I'm not pregnant...and here you are doing more and you ARE pregnant!

Em said...

I want your snacks.

Katie said...

Ashley - totally my idea, and I made sure everyone knew it :o)

Christie- I am having a great second trimester. Yeah, I was mad about not getting enough pictures, but I forgot my memory card. I think mom might have some now that her camera is working again.

Kelly said...

I love your mom! What a Halloween trooper. Most grandmas just put on a "Happy Halloween" sweatshirt.