Monday, November 1, 2010

Last night's menu

Trick or Treat Café

Diners beware!

Please choose three items.

Write beside them the order you would like them served – 1, 2, 3

Bloody Brains

Haunted Harvest

Candied Caverns

Skin and Bones

Spicy Maggots in Mud

Ghoulish Coffins

Fried Pockets of Pus

Slime Surprise

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and I wanted to do something different and Halloweeny. We did a three course mystery dinner, with spooky names for all the food choices. That meant making multiple dishes, so I need to get those dishes pretty simple. The fun of a mystery dinner is that someone may end up getting dessert for their first course or ordering three desserts and no entrees. It ended up working out kind of funny because out of the five people ordering, no one ordered Ghoulish Coffins, Spicy Maggots in Mud, or Haunted Harvest, and only one person ordered Bloody Brains, so today I have a bunch of leftover food. All five ordered Skin and Bones, so I ran out of that.

Wondering what everything was? Here is the the breakdown:

Bloody Brains - Spaghetti

Haunted Harvest - Salad

Candied Caverns - Pumpkin Pie

Skin and Bones - Hamburger with Seasoned Fries on the side

Spicy Maggots in Mud - Chipotle Chocolate Chili (leftover from our ward party :o)

Ghoulish Coffins - Brownies with whipped cream

Fried Pockets of Pus - Texas Egg Rolls, expect made as wontons, served with pepper jelly - big hit!

Slime Surprise - orange jello with whipped cream

It was a fun night, especially for the kids, who didn't have to do any of the work :o) I didn't have a chance to sit down at all, but that's okay.


Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, seriously, just the names made me loose my appetite. I don't know what my problem is because it's SUCH a quintessential Halloween-ish thing and I love Halloween. But "Pockets of Puss"? Ugh.

All the actual food sounds fabulous though!

jess and scott said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm impressed. That's a good idea for the family as children get older. Love it!

Ashley said...

I totally would not have ordered pockets of puss! Did the kids have any idea of what the food was before hand? Sounds like a lot of fun - but only something you'd want to do maybe once a year or every other year :)

Katie said...

Ashley - funny enough, both the Elders ordered that.

Colin helped me with some of the names, so he knew what some of them were. Gabe was freaking out a little about what to order, so I let him in on a few. He wanted to order Fried Pockets of Pus until I warned him what it was (just because it is too spicy for him).