Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the Season Polls, Week 1

Holiday Traditions-gotta love them.
We all have some different ideas about just what makes the holidays special.
Let's revive some old holiday polls, starting with the great debate:


Vote on the right, and feel free to add any comments/arguments on this post. Voting ends on Friday at noon (my time)


Mike Kessler said...

Okay, let me say me being Jewish and the first to post about a Christmas tree is weird.
That said: While I never grew up with a tree, I have since known the joys and horrors of Christmas trees. Real ones are beautiful, smell great, and shed needles all over your house -- and are a fire hazard. We went to a Christmas dinner at a ward member's house several years ago and they had an amazing tree which I thought was real. Nope, they'd bought it a couple of years before, and it came with all the lights. All they had to do was put it together and hang the ornaments. They spent a lot but they never had to buy another tree, or clean up any needles.

Ashley said...

We really want to do a real tree this year. The whole "go to the tree farm and chop down our own" (hopefully in the snow) sounds so fun....but we'll see. I think I'll give it a shot for one year, but I don't have high expectations. We usually leave for half of Christmas break, so it has never made sense to get a real one. This will be the first year staying home the whole 3 weeks, so I think it's a good time to try it out!

The Husband said...

Who is "we"?

lindsey said...

sadly we won't have a tree this year.. just can't afford one. we will be in tx for christmas so we'll get a tree for the actual holiday... also i can just imagine Mayan trying to pull up on it and instead pulling it down on herself... but we do prefer real when we do.

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

We've been fake for many years now (you can take that how you will, lol) and I love our tree but I still love the idea of going as a family to pick out the tree each year and then coming home to hot cocoa and decorating. So, we had to change the traditions a little but it still works. My main concerns for going fake were; the mess of needles (drove me crazy), fire hazard, and in the end, it seemed like they were dying too soon. I love my tree up for a whole month and a real tree never made it.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I'm a real tree gal. I get the reasons for fake ones, I totally do. And if I could con Scott into getting a pink one I'd be down, but I LOVE LOVE the smell. It's worth the pain of the rest for that smell.

Christie said...

I don't think my husband will ever cave and let me get a fake tree. I do love real ones, but isn't like we can get a decent one down here. At least we don't have carpet, so that needle mess isn't that big of a deal, imo.
Lindsey, I didn't realize you were coming to visit us for Christmas?!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I really like real trees. I love the smell and the look. We just bought a new fake tree. I guess that tells who rules the roost at our house.

Jamie said...

I grew up with only fake trees for Christmas so I have always been used to it. I did have a roommate that got a a real tree for our apartment and I will admit that it did make it smell nice but it did eventually die and was messy to move out.
I love the tree we have. We got it at Wal-Mart. It is pre-lit too so we just take it out, put the three pieces together, decorate it then plug it in. It is easy to store. Aaron has been asking me lately though if I like real trees so who knows, maybe one year we might end up trying it.

Katie said...

We have had a fake tree for three years now. I have to admit that it is a lot of work to get out and looking nice - I spend a lot of time pulling all the branches apart to make it look as authentic as possible. When I am done it really does look good. However, with all of this talk, Chad is getting a little nostalgic for real trees. I think he might have voted for them! Maybe in the future we will have two trees in our house - one real one that is decorated all nicely and one fake one with all our mismatched ornaments.

Audra said...

OK... before you go running out for a real tree... remember the last one? IT HURT! I mean, seriously! If you accidentally brushed up against it, it felt like you were being attacked by a pack of 30 feral cats!

We have had our fake tree for many years now. Finally the first pre-lit strand went out... so it might be time for a new one. But still, for what we got it for, it looked nice for many years and it ended up being about $15 a year... no watering, no mess, no Christmas light strands, no stress. Ahhh... the beauty and peace on Earth that comes with a pre-lit tree!

James said...

If your real tree hurts when you touch it, you got the wrong kind. Fir trees usually won't poke you like a pine, and neither will really poke if you keep them watered.

Katie said...

Oh, that tree was watered James. It was just evil.

C. Leah said...

I just wanna say, that I voted real tree...but I own a fake one! :(

I haven't had a real tree in years(!!) and every year I crave that fresh scent of a pine that makes a home smell amazing! I also love the look some real trees have....that of...a real tree! lol :)
And since we have a cat who LOVES to climb in our tree this year...the needles are coming off just as bad as a real one! :-P

James said...

Katie, was it a fir or a pine? Rooting for real trees over here, obviously. Where's Seth, he's the tree man?

Em said...

Well, I'm late.
But, we did just have this debate driving to get takeout last night.

Pros to real tree:
Smells real
Bragging rights to real tree.
Pictures of family hunting down the perfect tree and memories to go with it.

Pros to fake:
Lights are already on
Don't have to water
Don't have to pack the family up To go look for tree in the cold at dinner time.

Fake wins this year.
For me.

Em said...

And no bugs!!!

Call me a Scrooge.
I guess.
But I'm just paying off $100 grand in student loans!!! Lol

Sharon said...

Ever since we moved to Colorado we have gone and cut down a live tree. Loved the smell and the freshness. Then a couple of years ago we were sick, there was too much snow to go get one and it was 4 days before Christmas. We saw a beautiful fake one at Wal-Mart and the clerk told us that they were just then putting them on 1/2 price. We have loved our new(fake)tree ever since.