Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Recap

The younger boys and I went to Colin's celebration yesterday. Colin's teacher practically swooned when Oliver walked through the door and couldn't believe how much he looked like Colin. I think she loves our Colin. Chad told me that after their evening performance, she and Colin were holding hands the whole way back to the classroom. Anyway, the classroom party had lots of great Chinese food, which all three of the boys love, and all of the kids at the performance were impressive. *I forgot the add earlier that I was really worried about Ollie's behavior after his performance at the piano recital, so I loaded up the iPod with Dora and Diego and took it for him. It worked great.*

We love being a part of Smith Academy! Next year we will be in a new (to us) building and our name will be E.E. Waddell Academy, and though it will be a great move, I am sure I will look back on these days of classroom trailers and old bathrooms with a little bit of nostalgia. That is, afterall, what I grew up with!

Onto a video of Colin's class performance. My apologies for the length. For some reason, even though I have done it in the past, I couldn't figure out how to cut the length, and you get all the music snafus included. You probably can't hear it either, but Colin and a girl from his class introduce their class in the beginning.


Olivia Carter said...

Such a neat school. I'm jealous. The school Syd is set to go into is a "tech" school. Not that I'm anti tech or anything but I'm like, "Is it really necessary for Syd to learn to use an ipad in 1st grade?" I'll shopping around right now.

Christie said...

Jeb started singing along. I guess he knows Chinese. It was Little Bunny Foo Foo, right? Sorry to say, I don't think Colin has picked up your dance skills, lol. Lots of fun and you can tell he's the "Bobby" of the class.