Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bill and Judy at the Garden

We took Chad's parents to the garden last week. It was a cloudy day but we didn't really expect rain.
Chad tempting the water tunnel to come on.

And Gabe jumping right in. He got drenched. It was a cool day and I couldn't believe he wasn't freezing.

Don't be fooled by his smile though. He was Mr. Grumps during the rest of the trip (before and after getting soaked). Sometimes when we have company he gets a little tense. I think Bill and Judy were probably wondering what they got themselves into - over a week more of this?!

Not long after those pictures, it started to rain. Of course we were in the middle of the garden, so we sought shelter. It didn't come down too hard though, and didn't last too long.

The upside of rain at the garden is incredible lighting and incredible color. I didn't enhance the color on these pictures at all. Aww, I love. Don't we live in a gorgeous world?


lindsey said...

OOhh I love the color on the bird of paradise. Only one thing wrong with the post. Close up of Carina please :)

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Beautiful pictures, that is one place I plan to visit when I finally make it to Charlotte.