Friday, May 6, 2011

Items of Note

Well, let's start with the small stuff.

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. Did you celebrate? We did - but really just so we would have an excuse to have carne asada burritos. They are a Jeppson family favorite. The recipe is totally gringo, but they are muy delicioso.

We got a patio dining set last weekend at a yardsale. We have wanted one for years but they are so pricey that they haven't been on the top of our list. In fact, we had just resigned ourselves to getting a really cheap one we didn't like much at Ikea the day before and luckily hadn't assebled it. Took it back! Well, I am pretty darn excited about this new one. The cushion were pretty raunch so we needed to replace them. Found the perfect replacements at guess where? ALDI! We have used it every day since we got it.

So, now the real news:

Chad's parents are in town!!! That's my mother-in-law Judy in the above picture. They drove across the country to visit and we couldn't be more excited to have them here.

My kids adore their Grandma and Grandpa Coleman. Many more posts to come about their visit!


Ashley said...

Your carne asada looks better than ours. We always use super thin cut meat and lately Roy has been over-cooking it. I might try a thicker cut next time.

Awesome that you finally got a patio set! That was all your backyard was lacking!

Em said...

We went to a graduation party that was on cinco de mayo and all decked out for it! So fun to not have to do any of the work for it:)

Christie said...

How awesome that they came to visit!