Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

This is a post is about poop. Just a little warning for you.  You are welcome.

Carina has been a little fussy today.  This is very unusual for her, as long as I haven't been eating dairy.  I haven't been, so I was wondering what was going on, 'til I remembered that she hasn't had a good poo in four or five days.  As she fussed, I layed her on her back and pushed her legs toward her tummy.  She immediately let out some nice gas, so I knew that the system back-up was her problem.

But alas, this post is not about sweet baby poo.  Oh no.

As I lay with the fussy baby on my bed, trying to get her to sleep, I was also trying to get her older brother Oliver to lay still for ten consecutive minutes so he could drift off for a desperately needed nap.  I was turned away from him when I heard yelling, "I have____ on my hands!"

And no, this post is not even about my own child's poo.

The screaming was coming from the other room, where I had put my nephew down for a nap.  I had no idea what he was saying was on his hands. I told him to come into the bedroom, and as he did, I saw for myself.  Poop.  And I saw that he had no diaper on.

Further inspection and the poopy diaper was found in the other bedroom. Poop was not just on his hands.  Oh no.  It was also on the walls, my friends.

As I scrubbed the brown hands, walls, and behind, I reminded myself over and over again, "Your parents have been barfed on by your kids.  Bobby has taken care of Ollie in the dead of the night.  You can clean up your almost-3-year-old nephew's poo with patience and understanding."

I got through it and went on with my day, pushing it from my mind 'til I sat down here at the computer, Carina on my lap, fussing a little because she still hasn't pooped.  Then I remembered, and I thought,

"Well now, that's the most exciting thing that has happened today."

Which is the part I find "funniest" of all.

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Gaynelle said...

That is hilarious only because it didn't happen to me. That is pretty funny that the most exciting thing that can happen to a stay at home mom has to do with poop.

Autumn said...

I'm a little surprised that the last line didn't say funniest in quotation marks because, for me, it would have. So glamorous our lifestyle, no?

Audra said...

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo... I live in North Charlotte and all my kids are potty trained!

(Yes, I am the smug "that person" I always hated... but I am very comfortable in my smugness and display it proudly now)

lindsey said...

It's funny Audra mentioned her kids being potty trained because Dad just finished telling me a story of Jovie and a porta-potty at a baseball game! Just because you weren't there Audra :) Nanny Nanny Boo Boo to you!

Katie said...

Autumn - That cracks me up because later I thought, "I should have put "funniest" in quotation marks. You are brilliant. I am going back and changing it!

Yes, laugh away Audra - you earned. I am sure you have weathered many similar incidents and you deserve to laugh. But don't laugh too hard because your kids are still young enough that there could still be more incidents in the future! Ha!

Ashley said...

I'm afraid to say this, but none of my kids have been the type to take off their diaper and smear poop. So maybe as long as I avoid babysitting I'll avoid this problem ;)

When Isaac was around Carina's age he went about a week without pooping and I was totally freaked out because my other kids had NEVER gone that long (even to this day they haven't) And then it was a ticking time bomb wondering when he was going to just explode everywhere. Luckily he did it at home, because it was a MESS.

Katie said...

Gabe, Oliver, and now Carina have all gone days and days without pooping. It never seemed to bother Oliver and Gabe, but it does with Carina :o(

Em said...

CRAP!!! pun intended. ouch.

Christie said...

All my kids have gone through the once a week phase of pooping. Amelia the longest, Jeb the shortest.
Recently, I took off Jeb's diaper and didn't put it back on right away as he is showing a lot of interest in the potty. I got in the shower and got out to see him standing in my bathroom in a puddle of pee with a couple of clumps behind him.

mimontheuke said...

It is true that Nolan had one of those "nursed baby" blow outs all the way up to his neck at his 2 week check up! I was desperately trying to clean it and and it was EVERYWHERE when the doctor walked in. I felt like such a bad mom. Yes, I missed Jovie's thing... woooo hoooo! That is funny though that you read it after that story!

mimontheuke said...

not read it, heard it... before, not after, it is 11pm and I am supposed to be cleaning up the shop. I am tired.