Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Enough

I told Chad this morning, "Let's get the kids ready early for church so I can grab some pictures of them before we leave."

And then I played this game I like to play a lot lately. I pull out my pre-maternity clothes and try on outfit after outfit, trying to find something that at least kind of fits and at least kind of looks good. You know the game. It isn't very fun, but it is good at sucking up time.

By the time I dressed myself, I realized it was going to be a rush just to get the kids ready on time - the pictures definitely weren't going to happen. So I played another game I am not so fond of. In this one I dig through the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that I have managed to wash, but have not managed to put away, trying to pull together outfits for the kids that don't scream, "Member of a postpartum household." I only half succeeded in this game as well, and before we managed get out the door, Oliver managed to lose his tie and get red marker on his shirt. Add to that the scrape on his face and his appearance was living up to his orphan name.

Oh, and the hairbow my mom made for Carina's new dress? Where the heck did it go?

We were late for church, (which, despite my disorganized tendencies, actually isn't the norm for us) and by the time we straggled in, grumpy parents and hyper kids, there was not a single row in the sacrament room with enough room for a family of six. Sitting the foyer did wonders for the kids' reverence -taking it from straight from"barely acceptable" to "go sit outside before I strangle you here and now".

This is what is lovely about church though - even though I spent much of sacrament meeting thinking that we should just pack up and go home, when it really was time to leave a couple of hours later, I loved my kids, I felt calm and happy, and I no longer had a list in my head of everything that was wrong with each member of my family.

When we got home, the hairbow was found, some pictures were snapped (in which I look really tired and my hair is a mess), and really, everything that really needed to get done today was done (meaning the church part, not the pictures part).

And that is kind of sums things up for me right now.


Olivia Carter said...

Aw, such cute pics! Love her dress & you all are SO CUTE!

lindsey said...

Wow look at her eyes in that middle picture! did your other kids ever have blue eyes like that??

Katie said...

Lindsey - Ollie's and Colin's were more of a steel gray and you could tell they would be brown. Gabe's kinda of looked like that, and now his are the most hazel of all the boys. Her's are definitely the most blue so far! It will be interesting to see what color they end up.

Shannon said...

Love your story about "reverently" sitting out in the hallway! What was up with the crowd Sunday! We couldn't even find room for 3! We sat on the other side with several other families that couldn't find a seat!

Em said...

hahahahah, oh boy, do i KNOW that kind of morning!!! {inset me ordering everyone around on the front driveway to take a picture, while desperately looking for a neighbor i could ask to take a picture of us all, then giving up, taking a self portrait and then begging sean to let me ask someone before we went into sacrament, which he told me i couldn't do b/c we were already late so they were late and that was just rude, and i said well they're late too, might as well be late together, and he shamed me into believing we'd get pictures after, which we did not b/c that is impossible in the world of children, so we did not get one single picture of our kids in their outifts.} that was long. the end.

The Husband said...

I'm glad I read this, because I've been tempted several mornings to pull out the pre-pregnancy clothes to see what fits. And tonight I decided that I better figure out what I'm wearing to church tomorrow or there's no way we'll make it on time! So now, 20 minutes later, I have an outfit to wear tomorrow!

Ashley said...

Oops, that was me.