Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Elder Jeppson

My brother Bryce, who has been serving a mission for our church in Madrid, has been having foot problems. I am a horrible sister because I can't remember what the name of the particular problem he has(I am sure one of my siblings can tell me what it is), but I have heard it is just excruciating. The best treatment for it is rest, which is just impossible as a missionary. So after living in pain for quite some time, he needed to come home and try to recover. It is pretty crazy that this happened just after all the out-of-town family left.

Last night we gathered all the Charlotte Jeppsons to welcome him home. His flight ended up being a couple of hours late, so we gathered, dispersed and gathered again. Colin and Chad weren't there the first time because of a baseball game so I had time to run home and get them and come back.

Here is a video of him coming down the escalator. My mom had already walked up the stairs on the side to wait for him at the top to claim the first hug. Please excuse the quality. For some reason I thought clapping while video-ing would work.

Bryce looks great - mature and fit (besides the limp, of course, poor guy) and handsome.

He told me he was studying a picture of the kids on the plane, making sure he got them all straight.

Welcome home Bryce! We love you!


Ashley said...

I wish we could have been there! Watching the video brought tears to my eyes! Now mom and dad definitely have to come visit us, and bring Bryce with them!!

Christie said...

Oh that makes me wish we'd stayed another day! Except, that means we'd be on the road right now instead of at home...sorry, Bryce, catch you another time!

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Glad he made it home safely and can now rest the foot. Hope it heals well. It is a shame he missed seeing everyone at once, but all the more reason for him to heal and then go visiting! We will miss him here in Blythe. Welcome home.

Olivia Carter said...

Bryce! How great to have him home too! Thanks for sharing great pics!

Audra said...

It was good to see him! Though my picture looks like I am unhappy, I was glad to be there!!! Welcome home Bryce!