Friday, June 25, 2010


Our last four days were spent in a vacation home in Northern Idaho with Chad's parents and his brother Bill with his wife Cathy and kids Hailey and Cole.

This was wilderness with a touch of luxury.

Listening to the Moyie River rush by as you fall asleep.
Firepits and s'mores.
Blue skies and rainstorms.....

but with

beds for everyone, hot showers, refrigeration, not to mention....

satellite TV in all the bedrooms
a hot-tub (that got used a lot)
and a media room.

The only roughing it that took place was 9 people sharing the upstairs bathroom.

I can highly recommend Fliegerhaven as a vacation home. The owners were very kind and accommodating, and the price was excellent compared to other homes that we looked at. Click here if you would like to know more about it.


jess and scott said...

That looks like so much fun/so peaceful. Slightly jealous (okay really jealous) from here, in the HEAT!

Ashley said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I looked at the rates, just for the heck of it and wow, cheap!

Did you go to Canada?

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I'm very jealous. It has been hot and muggy here.

Cat said...

Hope you're having a good time....Maya's counting down the days until your return : ) BTW - our evil little waspy friends are out in full force. I'm sorry you'll have to come home to that, but maybe since they came 'early' they'll leave earlier too!

Katie said...

Cat - my Dad told me today that the cicada killers are back big-time.Chad is not happy. I think he will have his racquetball racket out there the night we come back.