Friday, June 11, 2010

School's Out!

I took this picture to mark the final school pick-up of the year....

And it was shortly followed by

Tears from Colin

All day long

Tears about:
Having a sore throat

Not having Lee Laoshi as a teacher next year

Missing school

Missing out on Discovery Place because he was at school

Everyone at school being mean to him

Mom and Dad being the meanest people in the whole wide world

Wii remotes being low on batteries

Finding out that we went to lunch with Daddy

Stir-fry for dinner with chicken instead of shrimp

I am not kidding you, he cried about every single one of those things, plus more.

He was just having the worst day in the world. Not enough sleep, lots of sugar today, last-day stress...I don't know.

It would have been a lot more frustrating if he hadn't brought home a report card that made me so proud I cried.


Ashley said...

Rae has been crying like that lately. I think it is tough when it is acceptable for their younger siblings to cry when they are frustrated, but we expect more of the older kids. Rae stayed all day on her last day of school and was totally stressed and exhausted. And then she was telling me all about the non-stop treats they got all day and I knew she was having a major sugar-crash.

Hopefully he doesn't get too sick of his brothers this summer and enjoys the downtime!

lindsey said...

can you believe you now have second grader?? second grade is when you get baptized! he's growing up fast (even though didn't act like it on his last day of school :) )

Olivia Carter said...

Ah, days like that are the worst. The worst. Good job getting through it.

Em said...

everything we own is out of batteries. like, there's zero juice left in them. we can't even turn on the bouncer and hear the same two notes anymore. they are just dead as a doornail.

Kari said...

I hear ya. Ezra gets so weepy when he's tired that I want to scream sometimes. Your post made me laugh!