Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Countdown

We had a Souper Saturday a couple of weeks ago at the church. In case you aren't familiar with that phrase, all the women in our ward (congregation) gather together on a Saturday morning and complete a variety of different crafts that they have signed up for and that have been prepared for them. Then we pig out on soup. I brought Zuppa Toscana and it was a big fat hit. How can it not be- with bacon, Italian sausage, and cream?

Anyway, I had a great time. I am not a huge fan of having the same crafty things in my home as everyone else, but I also never make the effort to do anything creative like this on my own. So I am willing to be a typical mormon mommy if it means completely finishing two projects in one morning (while chatting with other women) and having no mess to clean up afterwards. I even went so far into the stereotype to choose two projects with, Dun dun dun......vinyl.

This one just makes me smile every time I see it. It is somewhat sloppy because I did it second and was in a hurry, but the kids and I adore it. It is a Christmas countdown. It is supposed to say countdown on the bottom, but the lady who did the vinyl accidentally made the word too big, so she is supposed to get us new ones. I used a blue Christmas theme so it would go perfectly in my front room, and I think it totally does. Yes, I am a big cheeseball.

Can you believe Christmas is so close? I am pretty thrilled about it, and it helps that I am totally on top of things and my shopping is almost done.

As a side note, I know that a lot of moms out there get all frustrated about the commercialization of Christmas and how it makes their kids get the gimmes, but I love it. The only time we buy our kids toys is Christmas and their birthdays, so it is always our chance to get them the things we know they have been wanting all year. We keep it under control too, because we have learned that if we get them too much they end up ignoring half of it. Santa gets them each a larger gift (something like a bike if they need it, but that is usually the biggest thing they will get unless it is a group gift like the trampoline last year) and then a smaller gift. Mom and Dad get them a medium size gift and a new pair of PJs. Even though we are about 10 times better off now than we were Colin's first Christmas, it worked then in our budget and it still works now. I like it. It is plenty because they also have grandparents who get them gifts.

Let me say here that this isn't some strong philosophy that I am dedicated to. If you go crazy at Christmas, or if you scale back even more, I am totally cool with that - I think every family finds something that works for them. And there may be some Christmas in the future where we will feel like doing something outrageous or a year when we know they kids need less. Just thought I would share what keeps this mommy happy and sane during the Christmas season.

Anyway, my Christmas lights are getting up in pieces every day and then on Sunday we will decorate our tree and watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional together. I am sure hot chocolate or egg nog will be involved. I love this time of the year!


Ashley said...

I was just thinking the other day about gift-giving. We weren't really going to get the kids anything, because they always get so much from my in-laws - but we are like you guys and never buy our kids toys unless it is christmas or their bday, so it is really fun to get them stuff! I think the moms that get stressed out are the ones buying them crap all year round!

Do your kids get gifts from each other? I think I might blog about this because I'm curious what other people do. I'd like my kids to get into the GIVING part of the holiday, but they have no source of income yet, so I'm not sure what I'll do this year. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to blog about it and get some ideas.

Oh, and we are counting down with chocolate advent calendars and the Christmas tree that mom made a few years back. So fun :)

Em said...

I really want those countdown blocks.

Olivia Carter said...

Cute countdown blocks. I was just thinking how I wanted to do a countdown thing with the kids but, alas, EVERYTHING in my life is sidetracked this year.

I was going to make most of the kids presents but I don't have time. Heck, I feel like I'm going 24/7 and still don't have time to make their stuff.

We do a pretty simple Christmas. It's just TOO much with the grandparents gifts too.

Gaynelle said...

Cute blocks. Mormon girls all over the country must collaborate on cute Christmas crafts. They did those exact blocks last month in my ward. Sadly I missed it so they aren't decorating my home.

Anonymous said...

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