Sunday, December 5, 2010

Date Night with Dew: Cajun Queen

A couple of months ago, Living Social had a deal where you could spend $20 to get a gift certificate for $40 at Cajun Queen. I have wanted to try this restaurant since we first moved to Charlotte almost six years ago, so I jumped on it. We dropped the kids off with my parents last evening and tried it out.

Cajun Queen's atmosphere is just awesome. Couldn't get better in my opinion. It is a converted old house, and they have a excellent jazz band playing upstairs. We chose to sit up there, and I loved hearing it. Chad and I rarely go out at night, so I was soaking it all up.

Of course I scoured the menu before we went and looked at reviews. A lot of people said to try the fried green tomatoes, so we ordered that as our appetizer.
This dish was tasty, but not anything I would ever rave about. Really, it sounds harsh, but I was not impressed and neither was Chad. It was just dull, which you don't expect from your first bite of Cajun food.

Chad ordered the Diane with chicken. It was delicious - swimming with buttery, garlic-y mushrooms, fresh parsley, and tender chicken . It had a little bit of a kick that never got overwhelming.

I had the Etouffe with crawfish. It had a spicy, rich brown sauce and plentiful crawfish. It was spicy in a peppery way that crept up on you. It wasn't spicy like chilies can be, where you have to take a drink of milk after one bite and you start sweating. It built. I have a medium tolerance for heat, and after awhile I needed to stop and eat some bread to get my taste back. Then the next bite would be heavenly. I really enjoyed it.

Here's where my biggest complaint of the evening comes in. I knew, from looking at the menu, that each entree comes with your choice of jumbo or a side salad. Our waitress didn't mention this when she was taking our orders, and I didn't remember until I heard another couple ask about it. I thought maybe she would bring it up when she brought our appetizer. Nope. At that point we no longer had the menu's in front of us and I thought that maybe we had ordered something that didn't qualify for it. It was too awkward to bring it up after we already had our food, so I didn't. When I checked the menu this morning, yes, we were definitely supposed to get it. It really bothers me that the waitress didn't bring it up. Are you supposed to have to ask to get it? I think that is bad customer service. Maybe it sounds petty - but I would have loved to try their gumbo.

We had decided beforehand to go all out, so we even got dessert. For dessert we asked the waitress which was better, the bread pudding or the key lime pie (which people rave about online). She mentioned that they made their own bread pudding, and it had an amazing caramel sauce on top, so we got that.
Um, that's the amazing caramel sauce? We couldn't even taste it. The bread pudding was yummy though, and I thought it was nice and balanced - not overly sweet.

We had a very enjoyable evening. Will be go back again? Doubtful. We just never spend that much on dinner- even with our coupon, it was expensive. It was really nice to try though, and at least we were full at the end of the evening! I even had some leftovers for the boys to try. Ollie and Colin liked it (with lots of water) - Gabe did not.

As a side note, my kids had the time of their lives at Granny and Grandpa's. Thanks Mom and Dad (and Bryce!)


Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

We has a lot of fun with the kids, especially Oliver. He is such a character.

Ashley said...

I clicked on your link about how you could never be a foodie and you talked about Cracker Barrel's french toast and now I'm dying to go there for my bday and get some! But the rest of their food is not very good. In fact, we never go there as a family unless it is Friday and Roy can get Fish Fry and then the rest of us get breakfast :)

Totally random, I know :) The only time we try out non-chain restaurants is when we are trying to get some Argentine food or when we are stuck with the local places in our small town. We prefer the good ol' chains :)