Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis the Season Polls, Week 2

First, the official results of last week's poll: Which do you prefer - artificial or real Christmas trees?

Real - 7 votes
Artificial - 10 votes
Neither - 1 vote (*cough cough Roy*)

I was pretty surprised by these results! In my heart of heart I vote for real....but my practical side votes with artificial. I think someday I will return to real trees, but for now, for the same reasons I don't have a pet, it's all fake for me.

So, onto this week's poll:

Does Santa wrap your presents?

He did not wrap my presents growing up, he did wrap Chad's. We have carried on my tradition. How about you? Are Santa's gifts in your house wrapped?

Vote in the poll in the right corner up there before noon on Friday!

Original poll found here.


James said...

I'll just refer back to the posts from the last time this came up.

lindsey said...

So far Christmas has been with Seth's family and "Santa" has been multiple people... who wrap presents. I think this year we will wrap because we will be with them again... we are also flying so there will be no "big" toys so its much easier to wrap and will with no wow factor of big gifts it might work better.

Olivia Carter said...

Wrap! I've never heard of such a thing other than when you mentioned it. But I have to say that I like your reasons for doing it the way you do. When we start buying our kids bikes I probably won't wrap it though- that would be a pain!

Merf said...

santa does not wrap presents...mommy and daddy wrap presents. Santa gives presents...and mommy and daddy give presents. When I was growing up, we only got presents from Santa...I could never understand why my parents didnt give me a present. This was our way to avoid that confusion.

Ashley said...

There is no santa in our home, but mom and dad don't wrap presents either. I think it's so fun to come out Christmas morning and see everything sitting there! I hate having to wait turns to unwrap stuff. Besides, it's so much more mess. They get plenty of wrapped presents from other people.

Christie said...

Meredith...we never got presents from our parents, either. And somehow I never noticed! Crazy!
Anyway, Santa does not wrap presents in our house. I grew up that way and since James rarely wraps a present for any occasion, there's not a chance in the world that Santa would be wrapping presents in our house, lol. Mommy and Daddy (MOMMY) do wrap presents. I so LOVE the excitement of the kids running out and immediately seeing what Santa has brought. It'll be especially fun this year since he's bring bikes and the girls have been asking for them since summer.

James said...

Lindsey, if you're going to be flying this year, I recommend against having the presents wrapped before you get there. TSA is being especially cranky right now. Actually, I honestly recommend against flying now unless you know someone who will fly you on a private charter.

Katie said...

Well now, if you know someone with a private charter...hook me up Lindsey!

lindsey said...

Yes James I know there are some stories about the TSA, but those are a few out of a million and we aren't going to let that stop us from seeing family this year. I know not to wrap and we'll be very careful about what we do and say. I don't like the scanners, but I'll go through them to get where I need to go and not be patted down.