Monday, December 13, 2010

'Tis the Season Polls, Week 3

The official results of last week's
'Tis the Season Poll:
Does Santa Wrap Your Presents?

Yes - 13 votes
No-7 votes
Santa who? - 1 vote

I have a feeling that most of the no votes came from my family members.

Now onto this week's poll:

Do you like eggnog?

The poll is open for voting in the top right corner. Please discuss below. Poll will close around noon on Friday.

And dear friends, being the egg nog fan that I am, and having three children who have guzzled the stuff since the first moment it touched their lips - I would like to know this:

If you don't like eggnog, when was the last time you actually tried it?

'Cause I kind of have this thing about adults who don't like foods that they haven't tried since they were, like, five.

Original eggnog poll can be found here.


Olivia Carter said...

OH man, I SO HAVE the slightly annoyed feelings toward adults who haven't tried food recently, but still say they hate. I really think your pallet can change the older you get. I like stuff now that I didn't like when I was younger.

I love egg nog. But it has to be REALLY cold. But I'm the same way with milk and yogurt.

I am loving the polls. Loving them!

Christie said...

I don't like it. The last time I tried it was on my mission, so not forever, but not recently. I kinda have a thing about not wanting to try to like things that aren't really healthy anyway. Meaning, I'll put a lot more effort into liking oatmeal than the several likes of soda I don't like. Also, most of the things I don't like happen to be drinks, strangely enough.

jess and scott said...

Don't like it, it's too thick. It does taste slightly better mixed half and half with sprite. And I have a little taste almost every year just in case!

lindsey said...

Confession time... I read your post and then went downstairs and tried it... yep still don't like it! The flavor just seems wrong in a drink... I expect it in a pie or bread, not a drink. On the other hand Seth and Lily both LOVE eggnog. (mayan hasn't tried it yet) Side note :) eggnog french toast (half eggnog half egg) is wonderful :)

Ashley said...

I agree with Christie - why try to like something so unhealthy! lol!

I try it every few years to see if I like it - but I agree with Lindsey that the flavors are just wrong for a drink. Also, I don't like nutmeg and cinnamon favors in drinks (or soups) Someday I might get some for the kids to try. Roy likes it, but doesn't drink it because of the sugar.

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I like it in small amounts.

Katie said...

Ashley and Christie, you make very valid points about not trying to like it when it is so unhealthy. Maybe it would be better if I didn't like just about every kind of food out there!!!

Jess, I have never tried it mixed with Sprite. I will have to check that out.

Well, I am glad to see you are all so open-minded and have tried it recently. I guess I will have to just admit that some people just don't like it ;o) I am surprised by how many though!

Merf said...

have to admit---my vote was a bit biased due to my lactose intolerance...i dont mind the flavor i guess---but there is nothing i can eat that has the flavor.

James said...

Nope, don't like it. Last I had it was when I had my jaw shattered and my mom thought I needed to put some weight back on after all that I had lost.

Yeah, got the weight back and then some.

Em said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!!! i especially love the extra fattening kinds. like my friend's who puts chunks of real whipped cream in hers. it floats around until you scoop it up. my mouth is watering...

Linda Curtis said...

I don't like it for the same reason I don't like French toast or custard...too much raw egg flavor. And, yes, I try a sip of (my) Chad's every Christmas just to be sure.

Audra said...

I like it... provided I don't look at the nutritional information on the back!!!