Thursday, October 6, 2011




Our days are full. 

Full of school, homework, piano, cleaning,  laundry, cooking good food, nursing, soccer, gospel duties, work, and more work of every kind.  Full of play and family time.

Our responsibilities have been non-stop lately, and I have been mourning our busyness a little.   Then a couple of days ago I realized that I don’t really mind, because I am truly using my time in the ways that I want to. I was reminded of this talk.

So, I could apologize for not blogging a lot lately, but it wouldn’t be sincere.  I do think blogging can be a good use of time (I love my blog and I can’t picture ever stopping), and I hope I will be doing more of it in the near future (maybe quick posts now and then rather than worrying about more significant posts).  For now, I will tell you that I have decided that October is truly my favorite month in here in Charlotte.  I am basking in its loveliness.


Autumn said...

I'm totally into posting quick conversation or random thoughts right now. Uploading pictures (or thinking haha) seems like too much work.

a man said...

we had summer last week and winter this week. fall is supposed to be here next week. this picture reminded me that it isn't quite winter yet:)

a man said...

p.s.: "a man" is EM:) didn't realize i was logged in under sean's google account. oops!