Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday

With all the lovely pictures I have been seeing of kids frolicking among the orange-hued fields of pumpkins and meandering through corn mazes, I thought I would share our family’s trip to the local “pumpkin patch” …….IMGP1139



                         IMGP1141 IMGP1144

(complete with a trip down the ice cream aisle, to make the trip a little more worth it for Mom and Dad)


jess and scott said...

Awesome. We got ours at Home Depot thank you very much. :)

The Husband said...

We didn't actually purchase pumpkins at the pumpkin patch :) We got ours at Aldi. They had some HUGE pumpkins for $3!

lindsey said...

Yeah, we visited a pumpkin patch (groupon deal cost us 10 bucks for the whole family including pony rides) but we didn't buy pumpkins there... Seth bought a couple of the really tiny pumpkins for the girls and carved them, but they already rotted... btw is one of those pumpkins for a photo shoot?

Em said...

Three cheers to my favorite weekly post from you. Never disappoints!!!

Gaynelle said...

Thanks for keeping it real. Now I don't feel so bad.

Christie said...

LOL We bought our pumpkins at the grocery store, but even our "pumpkin patch" was just the side lawn of a church.