Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mommy's helper

Ollie "folded" all this laundry for me today. He loves to be my helper, and I need to remember to let him! It might be easier to let him watch as much "Max and Ruby" as his heart desires while I get things done, but well, what is that teaching him? (besides how to all get the last word with your bossy older sibling? :). Whenever he helps me with a task he gets an extra little hop of confidence in his step.

That kid is so precious to me.


Ashley said...

Oops, I commented on this and then it messed up and lost my comment and then I forgot to come back and comment again!

"Get the last word with your bossy older sibling" - hahahahaha! Stupid Max and Ruby - what a silly show. I always feel bad for Ruby- trying to deal with Max while trying to do her big girl stuff.

Isaac likes to help around the house - but only if it is something we have asked one of his siblings to do and then he screams "noooooo, I do it!!" and sometimes hits the sibling. Such fun. Your way sounds nicer.

lindsey said...

Lily loves to help around the house... as long as it doesn't mean cleaning up after herself. It is the biggest fight to get her to pick up her own toys.
He really is a cutie. I'm going to miss his smile.