Friday, October 14, 2011

Gabriel’s birthday


Today was a perfect fall day – very much like the one six years ago when I gave birth to our Gabe.  Ollie, Carina and I brought lunch to Gabe at his school ( and let me mention really quickly that their new school is so gorgeous). 

IMGP0236 IMGP0237

Gabe was happy to have us there, and his little sister got a lot of attention.  It was very nice to see Gabe in his school setting and to set how relaxed and comfortable he seemed.  We had lunch with Colin too, and his lunch was before Gabe’s (doesn’t make sense, I know), so Ollie was pretty over the whole thing by then. 


I picked the boys up from school and we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen.  I know, I know…Red Robin is usually the Coleman birthday tradition, but they haven’t been bringing birthday sundaes lately, and we just haven’t been super happy with them, so we decided to try something new.  CPK gives a free kid’s meal and sundae for birthdays.  They didn’t sing when they brought the sundae, but Gabe was sure okay with that.


        Chad met us there straight from work and the boys had a good time “sitting “by the fountain while we waited.

                        IMGP0248 IMGP0247


Gabe was really happy with CPK.  He rated it above Red Robin and Golden Corral but right below Dragon Buffet (his all-time favorite).  We went home and did presents, which he also loved.  I could tell he had a really great birthday because he kept spontaneously hugging me, which is Gabe’s way of saying he is just as happy as could be.  We sure love this kid.

Tomorrow is his Harry Potter birthday party – stay tuned!

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Olivia Carter said...

Can't wait to see the Harry Potter party!