Friday, October 21, 2011

Instagrams from this week

Indoor soccer league
Trying to show you her first teeth - came through on Monday!
Carina waiting for Chad to join us to go to Gabe's parent-teacher conference.  She got to hear lots of good things about her Gabe.
I don't care about clothes for myself that much anymore - I just want stuff like this for Carina!
Dinnerplate Dahlias are in full bloom again.  They are such shameless show-offs but I forgive them because they take no effort on my part.
Chad thinks teasing Carina is great fun.


Ashley said...

I really have to resist buying Claire a bunch of clothes - especially since we only leave the house once or twice a week and the rest of the time she's in footsie pjs! I can't wait till she has a chance to wear the jacket that my MIL got for her!

You should get that jacket for Carina and then buy a matching one for yourself!

lindsey said...

Carina should get used to Chad's teasing now, thats what dads are for right?