Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

For the beauty of each hour

Of the day

And of the night


And vale,

And tree

and flow'r,

Sun and moon,

and stars of light,

Lord of all,

to thee we raise


Our hymn of grateful praise


Ashley said...

Cheese-a-riffic :) Thanks :)

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, that's so sweet! I love it!

Jamie said...

Love that picture of your boys at the end!

Audra said...

Great pictures... didn't you do this last year? If so, what a GREAT tradition... if not, you should do it again next year :)!

Katie said...

Yes, I did the first verse last year and the second verse this year. There is only one verse left, but I will probably just start over :o)