Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank You Kari!

Remember when I did my Pay it Forward post back in February? Yeah, I still haven't sent any gifts to the winners. I have a full year, remember? They can probably expect something from me in January. However, this what I got from my friend Kari in the mail this week for winning on her blog:

Kari made this necklace using a washer and craft paper!!! Looking at it, you would never guess. How cool is that? This, from someone who claims she isn't crafty.

Let me just mention that Kari is one of my dearest childhood friends- truly a kindred spirit. Slumber parties were full of "inside jokes" and soul confessing. We spent hours rambling through the woods at girl's camp together, naming favorite spots and streams, in the fashion of Anne and Diana. We both found our Gilbert Blythes and were married within a month of each other. Even though we haven't lived near each other for years, she is one of those people that I could always just pick up with right where we left off. Wish we could hang out Kari!


Olivia Carter said...

That is adorable! And I love friend like that.

Ashley said...

I totally forgot about the Pay it Forward thing until Kari mentioned it on her blog. I'm gonna pester you because I want something from you! I guess I better get going on mine too!

Kari said...

This post made my day! Thanks, Katie!

Hope I didn't imply that I came up with the idea of these necklaces myself--but I was able to follow directions for once, for which I'm supremely proud.

I wish we could hang together, too. But, hooray for the marvels of modern technology: I feel like I know your kids really well and have a good idea of what makes you laugh and cry. Just like the good old days.

BTW, do you remember us planning on living close together as adults and "washing dipers together?" Times have sure changed!