Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

We decided to deal with the Halloween candy just a little differently than last year. To try and cut back on the amount of candy consumed, Chad declared that the kids could sell as much candy as they wanted to him for 5 cents each. All of Colin's cheapo gum, jawbreakers, and Smarties quickly became Chad's property. Gabe, who is not a chocolate fan, immediately sold all of his candy bars, much to Chad's delight.

Their buckets were still pretty full, so Chad egged them on, talking them through each piece one by one, asking if they really wanted it. Colin's capitalistic flame was fanned by his father, and he ended up earning $6.65 - enough to buy those handcuffs he had been eyeing at Walmart and three items at Dollar Tree. Gabe had enough for three items. They both had enough candy left to last them a 'til today.

And Chad? He ended up with a bag full of pretty quality candy to take to work and give away. None of us need that junk! We fist-bumped each other over our achievement. Our kids were eating far less candy than they normally would have, and we didn't take away any of the "magic" of Halloween or fight them on it.

Chad stashed the bag of candy on top of the fridge, out of the children's reach.

Unfortunately, not out of ours. All the chocolate was gone before the night was over.

Happy parents, not-so-healthy-habits.


Ashley said...

I did the same thing yesterday! I gave my kids a quarter for each piece of chocolate or two pieces of crappy stuff. (because a long time ago Roy started stashing quarters, so we had a TON of them.) I had already taken about half of their candy on Halloween night. Rae had more than Blaise because of extra parties and stuff. She was reluctant to give it up, but she finally narrowed it down to about 20 of her favorite pieces. I had a lot more control over Blaise, so I pretty much saved his favorite stuff and took away the rest. Today they went and picked a new toy and I think they are really happy about the trade. I'm sending the rest to school with Roy and I'll lay off their candy now because it is their favorite stuff and it'd be mean of me to eat it.

Olivia Carter said...

I'm telling you YOU GUYS are genious. This concepts is WAY too much for Syd & Rob this year... plus they ate most of their candy (I might have helped) already.

But next year i'm busting out the change!

Thanks for the idea!

Kelly said...

My Dad the Dentist used to hand out toothbrushes and apples for Halloween. Then he'd force us to sell to him at the same rate (over twenty years ago) 5 cents a piece. We kept like 10 pieces and then bought paper dolls at Sprouse RItz. I hated Halloween! He'd tell us the candy was going in the trash and then hide it under his bed. We'd find it and sneak it back. Such a bad ritual. I like yours better. Freedom of choice.

Katie said...

Kelly - their dentist was offering all of his patients a dollar per pound of candy. I think ours was a better rate. I had always heard rumors of people passing out toothbrushes and apples, but didn't know anyone actually did it!!!! I feel pretty bad now that you got the same rate twenty years ago. I hope nobody tells my kids about inflation ;o)

Katie said...

Olivia - Gabe barely caught on to the whole money thing...which is why he kept more of his candy. He ended up just giving me the rest of his chocolate a couple of days ago - chocolate that could have been money in his pocket.

Ashley - you are right, it makes it so I am not at all compelled to eat the candy they have left. I would feel way too mean.

Em said...

my cousin came up to me the other day and said, "my mom is so cool about halloween candy. do you know what she does? she buys the candy we don't want from us! she is so awesome." i loved it. glad to see it works for you guys too;-)

Ashley said...

So that bag of candy for Roy to take to school? He keeps forgetting to take it. All of the good stuff is gone and now I'm eating tootsie rolls! He better take it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I totally love this idea and can't wait to try it out! We got away with early trick-or-treating and handing out about half of "the loot" we got after our "pass out" candy was gone. I fully understand that this may be the last year we can do this. :)