Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Snow, Only Wind

We have had a bone-chilling wind sweeping over Charlotte today. Our barren backyard is so unprotected that when it blows through with such ferocity it sounds like ghosts are howling at our windows - even ripping some of the siding off our house in the past. Today I heard some clanging and looked out back to see our grill blown over, and our trampoline a good 15 feet away from where it used to be. See the step-ladder?

The last time the wind came through, I went out back to see what was going on and made the mistake of letting Ollie down out of my arms for a few seconds. The wind picked his 20 lbs up and threw him to the ground with a fat lip.

I think I will feel like ending every post in February, regardless of its content, with this statement, "I am ready for spring." I close my eyes and dream of blooming tulips and salvia in my backyard. I was definitely born in the wrong month.


Ashley said...

Wow, that is some impressive wind!

I cannot wait for spring and summer!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of snow, I'm sick of winter coats, I'm sick of snow days, I'm sick of being sick!

Audra said...

The wind was amazing today! Coming out of the gym the wind started gusting and almost blew me down. The kids were struggling to walk forward and of course Callie would not let me hold her hand... luckily... no busted lips! But I almost fell on my booty myself and my trashcan was half way across the cul-de-sac. Poor little guy! Glad you took a picture before you cleaned him up :)

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little Ollie!

Christie said...

Wow! That's some wind!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I miss Charlotte. It is 74 in Blythe, but it is no fun when you are sanding and painting a pool.